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Anti-Fatigue Mats Right in your Shoes!

By Timothy Carlo, MBA, CMA

Anti-fatigue insolesWhether I am managing and planning the buildout of medical office space at work, or I am playing hockey, baseball, golf or working out, I am on my feet all day. Because I am so active and have a larger body type, my feet have taken a pounding and I needed relief. 

After asking others and doing some research, I reached out to MDS Associates, a personal protection equipment company located in Cheektowaga, NY, because they have started to carry MegaComfort® Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® Insoles. These are shoe inserts that fit in my shoes and have memory foam in them to provide extra heel and sole comfort.

I started with inserting them into my walking shoes. I needed to get used to the inserts as they are thicker than others I have used, but it only took two or three wears for me to forget they were even there and be able to just enjoy the added comfort. 

Being able to alleviate some strain was a huge relief, and I could walk all day with these in. The level of support that these MegaComfort® insoles provide made my shoes feel like custom-made, high-end athletic sneakers. 

Working in medical office development and management, I see some practices and clinics using anti-fatigue floor squares or matting. Carts don’t roll well on them, and they are actually tripping hazards. Putting them right in your shoe is the ideal solution!

I would suggest that anyone who is on their feet all day, whether nurses and health-care providers, blue- or white- collar workers - anyone who is standing a lot and seeks additional comfort and support – try the MegaComfort® Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® Insoles and finish your search for better foot comfort.

The Reds Group

The previous article was written by MDS Associates customer Timothy Carlo, MBA, CMA,
Managing Director, The Reds Group Strategic Services.