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Polypropylene Lab Coat w/ Wrist-Shield, Knitted , Disposable Fluid-Reistant Light-Weight Polypropylene Lab Coats w/ Knitted WRIST-SHIELD™ Thumb Slit- No Pockets, Knitted

$ 2.25

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MDS Polypropylene Pocket-Free Lab Coats w/ Thumbhole

Product Code : WS-701


Reduce Potential Wrist-Exposure & Elevate Compliance with Our Innovative Disposable Protective Lab Coats Featuring Exposure-Control Technology

Disposable Spunbond Polypropylene Lab Coats have a lightweight, drapable single layer fabric and are ideal for basic protection against light fluid spray, dirt and dust particles. Our disposable lab coats without pockets feature a knit collar, snap front and innovative knit cuffs that provide undeniable health and safety benefits for operators concerned about self-contamination and hand hygiene. These knitted thumb saddle cuffs are universal and fully optional.

Select our Polypropylene Gowns for Dental/Healthcare Clinics, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Research, Food Processing and Other Non-Hazardous Dirty Applications. Drive Compliance to Higher Levels-Ask for a Sample Today!

White Color

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Manf: MDS #WS-701
Packed: 30 per carton                        *sold full cases only

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