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Sterile SatPax® 1200 Presaturated Wiper, Berkshire, Berkshire Sterile SatPax® 1200 Presaturated Single-Use Cleanroom Wipers (9` x 9`)
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Berkshire SatPax® 1200 Sterile Wipers - 9-in x 9-in

Product Code : 24-C140

   Pre-Wetted & Sterile

Designed for use in ISO Class 4 and higher sterile cleanroom environments, these pre-wetted sterile wipers are ideal for aseptic environments and support areas where microbial exclusion is demanded. Gamma irradiated and validated sterile to a 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level per AAMI guidelines, Sterile SatPax® 1200 are pre-wetted 100% knitted polyester laundered wipers are available in resealable pouches. Eliminate squirt bottles and uncontrolled saturation levels, pre-saturated wiper is manufactured utilizing semiconductor grade IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and RO/DI H2O filtered to 0.2 µm. 100% continuous filament, double-knit polyester. Laundered and packaged in Berkshire's ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom. Lot number on each resealable pouch ensures traceability. Recommended for use in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom applications. Control VOC's. J-Folded and wetted with measured volumes ensures consistently wetted wiper. Designed for use in wet cleaning of critical surfaces where control of flammable solvents and flammable solvent concentrations is required. Ideal for final cleaning of surfaces or products prior to manufacturing or packaging. High saturation level is ideal for removing cleaning and disinfecting residues in sterile environments.  9" x 9" size. Free shipping when you order 2 or more!

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Manf: Berkshire #SSP1200.003.12
Packed: 30 per pouch, 12 pouches per case (360)

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