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#BGL2-200 Berkshire BCR® Nylon Single Knit Half Finger Cleanroom Glove Liners
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Berkshire BCR® Nylon Half Finger Glove Liners

Product Code : 88-BGL2-200


BCR® no-run and non-ravel glove liners are an ideal option when long-term use of nitrile, latex or other gloves are used and hand comfort is a major concern. Dry, healthy hands means better production and special fiber construction allows for moisture absorption during extended wear. Glove liners can also be worn as inspection gloves to prevent fingerprints and skin oils from contaminating delicate surfaces. For enhanced comfort, gloves are constructed using special seamless technique that eliminates chaffing. Ambidextrous. Launderable. Glove size colored cuff.

Use in controlled environments such as laboratories, biotech research facilities, and other aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor, circuit board, healthcare (USP 797), and biomedical device manufacturing operations.

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Manf: Berkshire Small #BGL6.200SB, #Large #BGL6.200LB
Packed:  200 per carton (bulk) *Sold full cartons only

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