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MicroSeal SuperSorb™ Sealed Edge Knitted Polyester Cleanroom Wiper, 9` x 9`, #MSSS.0909.8
$ 532.09

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Berkshire MicroSeal SuperSorb™ Wipers

Product Code : 24-C105
        Extra Absorbent & Strong

Recommended for Cleanroom Class 1-100, or ISO Class 3-5, or EU Grade A-B. MicroSeal SuperSorb™ possesses super absorbency capacity along with a high level of cleanliness and durability. It is an excellent wiper for applications where high concentrations of liquid are in use as well as cleaning and wiping rough, stubborn surfaces. 2-Ply Bonded, 100% Knitted Polyester. Ultrasonic sealed edge. Textured. Possesses super absorbency capacity along with a high level of cleanliness, durability and abrasion resistance. Cleanroom laundered and packaged. Size 9" x 9". Includes Free Shipping!

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Manf: Berkshire #MSSS.0909.8
Packed: 100 per pack, 8 packs per carton (800)

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