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#T1622.1212.4 Twillx® 1622 Woven Cotton Disposable Certified Cleanroom Wiper
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Berkshire® Twillx® 1622 Wipers

Product Code : 24-C180

          High Heat Applications

ISO Class 6-8 Cleanroom Class 1000-100,000 EU Grade B-D. Berkshire Twillx® 1622 is a sturdy wiper that permits cleaning and wiping of heated surfaces as well as polishing and burnishing rigid disk surfaces. Constructed of 100% woven cotton. This wiper may be used in Wafer FAB, laboratories, biotech research facilities, aerospace, electronics, photo processing, printing, computer and disk drive assembly, semiconductor, biomedical, pharmaceutical and hard disk manufacturing. Absorbent low particle work surface material.  Works well with IPA and other solvents. Engineered for thermal stability and high heat applications. Highly sorbent and durable. Size 12" x 12".  Free shipping on 2 or more cases!

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Manf: Berkshire #T1622.1212.4
Packed: 150 per pack, 4 packs per carton (600)

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