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4/5/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  1,273,709 confirmed cases | 69,546 reported deaths  | 45,4592 in critical condition

4/5/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  1,273,709 confirmed cases | 69,546 reported deaths  | 45,4592 in critical condition

#02-00630AG07 MultiSorb NatraSorb® 30lbs Bulk Blue Indicating Silica Gel Beads
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NatraSorb® Bulk Indicating Silica Gel (30-lb)

Product Code : 100-02-00630AG07

MultiSorb Filtration Group       Beaded Silica Gel Allows For Better Airflow!

Features a Built-in Color Indicator That Signals Time to Replace. Bulked Packed for Best Value!

If you seek an easy and flexible moisture adsorber or dehumidifier to treat large areas or have a unique dispensing application, then consider NatraSorb® Bulk Indicating Silica Gel from Multisorb®.

Carefully formulated and closely managed during manufacturing, NatraSorb’s 4x12 mesh (or 2-5mm) granular silica gel features a network of microscopic pores that has an insatiable thirst for moisture and is capable of adsorbing greater than 30% of its weight at a relative humidity (RH) of 60% or above. In fact, one pound of NatraSorb® silica gel has a surface area of more than 3,000,000 ft² (265,000 m²), giving it the ability to adsorb substantial quantities of vapor from air or gas environments, even at very low temperatures.

Impregnated with cobalt chloride, the silica gel will change from blue to pink as moisture is adsorbed. Saturated NatraSorb® blue indicating silica gel can be easily regenerated in a 300° F (150° C) vented oven for 3 hours or more (depending on size), until the blue color returns.

  • Bulk Packaged in a tamper evident 5-gallon air tight  steel pail
  • Total Weight 30-lbs

This blue silica gel can be used in many retail, industrial and residential applications where visual control of moisture is required, such as in compressed air dryers, breathers, gas dryers, libraries/museums, basements, marine storage, transformers and for protection of non‐consumable packaged goods, as well as drying and storing flowers and seeds but should not be used in direct contact with products intended for consumption, such as food or pharmaceuticals.

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Manf: Multisorb #02-00630AG07
Packed: 30 pounds

*Our tamper-evident, air-tight pails are used as an outer vessel to protect internal bulk packaged product. We cannot control dents, scratches etc to the pails during shipping. We cannot exchange pails for this reason. You can opt to have MDS package your pails for additonal $5.95 each. Thank you.

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