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4/2/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  986,775 confirmed cases | 50,414 reported deaths  | 37,012 in critical condition

4/2/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  986,775 confirmed cases | 50,414 reported deaths  | 37,012 in critical condition

#02-00041AG108 MultiSorb MiniPax® Molecular Sieve Packets (5 Gram)
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MiniPax® Molecular Sieve Packets (5.0 Gram)

Product Code : 100-02-00041AG108

MultiSorb Filtration Group   Super Moisture Adsorption in a Small Durable Packet!

Smaller 4A Bead Size Reduces the Risk of Outgasing

Big things come in little packages and MiniPax® 5 gram sorbent packets pack a punch. If you need to precisely control moisture, odors or gaseous materials in a sealed packaging environment that's subjected to a wide spectrum of temperatures in lower humidity conditions and seek a compact and non-dusting high capacity sorbent for your hand packaging operation, then consider MiniPax® Molecular 4A Sieve Desiccant Packets to prevent mold, mildew, odor and rust along the distribution chain.

MiniPax® are supported by a Type III Drug Master File, use 21 CFR-compliant materials, and are suitable for use in all regulated product packaging.

Formed of welded, uncoated medical grade Tyvek® for high strength, these pillow packs are virtually puncture and rupture proof making them ideal for the most rugged applications. MiniPax® Packets are constructed with an integral window  that allows for easy observation of the desiccant cycle.  Carefully formulated and closely managed during manufacturing, MiniPax® Molecular Sieve Packets feature uniform sieve beads with a 4 angstrom pore that captures H2O, H2,HE,NH3,CO2 and more.

These tan or brown color beads absorb water molecules inside its pore adsorbing up to 22% of its weight for a more pure and powerful result. Synthetic molecular sieve will not desorb moisture into the package in higher temperature environments as ready as silica gel or clay because its 4 angstrom pore holds water molecules so tightly they practically have to be pushed out. Molecular sieve is higher in cost per unit, but due to its extremely large range of adsorptive capabilities, often offers the best value. Made in USA.

5 Gram Packet Size

Applications include pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, refrigerant drying, cryogenic operations, electronics, moisture removal in polyurethane or paint, natural gas drying, drying cracked glass, optical devices, medical devices, stationery, clothing, static drying of insulating lass units, dehydration of methanol, unsaturated hydrocarbons and ethanol,

Manf: Multisorb #02-00041AG108
Packed: priced and packed 300 MiniPax packets per foil pouch, sold 6 per carton (1800)

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