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TMD Industrial FDA Approved Disinfectant Surface Wipes in 160 count canister
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TMD Disinfectant Wipes (160-count)

Product Code : 05-CVNT007

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MDS Associates, Inc  Prevent the Spread of Infection

FDA Approved 160-count Canister Wipes Compare to Clorox® and Lysol® Brand Disinfectant Wipes

Commonly touched non-porous surfaces become hot beds for germs and disinfecting these surfaces becomes important as it can lead to disease transmission. A critical element in infection control or infection prevention is environmental asepsis or the prevention of cross contamination and disease transmission from equipment or other surfaces through contact or droplet infection.  Disinfectants play a key role in preventing the spread of disease.

Disinfecting products such as Lysol® and Clorox® are in very short supply. If you are seeking a great alternative to Clorox® and Lysol® Brand Wipes then consider these TMD Disinfectant Surface Wipes. Using the same active ingredient as Clorox® and Lysol® Wipes, BZK (Benzalkonium chloride) is a quaternary ammonium compound commonly used for disinfecting and according to the EPA, is effective against  99.99% of germs that can cause illness. Clorox® and Lysol® specifically say their wipes are not for use on skin. These TMD germ wipes contain glycerin, making them gentler on the skin and as effective as hand sanitizer! (FDA Reg. # 3009689787). TMD Germ Wipes will leave no stickiness, residue and does not contain bleach or ammonia. Great for job sites, public spaces, traveling and more! Packaged in a 160 count portable canister, they offer great value. Wipes measure: 5.75” x 7.25”.

  • Packaged in 160 count canister dispenser
  • Minimum Order is 3
  • Best Buy -720 per pallet 
Manf: TMD Industrial #CVNT007
Packed: priced per 160 count canister  *order in increments of 3

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