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DesiMax® Self Adhesive Desiccant LabelsStop Soggy Surprises with Adhesive Desiccant Labels

Ultra-Thin, Low-Profile Self-Adhesive Patches Adapt To Any Packaging & Is Your Solution to Low Level Humidity-Related Problems 

Billions of products make the trip from the manufacturing plant to the distribution center to the retail store, presenting a risk for product damage along the way. Companies invest much time, money and energy into the manufacturing and careful packaging of their products, but there are factors outside the transportation and handling of products that contribute to damage along the supply chain.

While you’re confident that your product is protected from bumps and dings during transit, have you taken  precautions to avoid the silent, invisible threat prowling in the air surrounding your products?

Airborne moisture or humidity, is a grave hazard to packaged goods. It is a major cause of degradation, spoilage, malfunction and reduced shelf life for goods ranging from food and agricultural products to machinery and pharmaceuticals. Not only can it cause economic loss and waste, unregulated moisture can damage your company’s reputation and branding.

Moisture often condenses inside sealed packages, cartons and containers of all sizes and commonly occurs in shipments that encounter mild temperature fluctuations en route. Protection is a must for any product shipped by boat, train, truck, airplane and for shipments that will be stored during transit or at the customer’s site.


Desiccants help avoid soggy surprises when products are unpackaged at its final destination. Affordable, effective and easy to use, they act as a secondary safety device that protects internal parts or products sealed in its packaging. by regulating moisture content. Familiar to anybody who has found a tiny packet of granules tucked inside a shoebox, desiccants work like a sponge soaking up moisture in the surrounding environment. There are many varieties of desiccants and each has an upper limit. Careful calculations are based on the size of package, type of equipment, and expected environmental conditions during transport and storage.

There are large size high humidity absorbers designed for cargo shipping containers and smaller tear-resistant versions used for regulated food and pharmaceutical products. Coated silica gel desiccant cycliners deliver heavy desiccation into small spaces and common in nutraceutical packaging. Desiccant paper is thin, pliable and comprised of silica gel designed for custom packaging or limited spaces.  Reusable, rigid and encapsulated desiccating canisters are designed to protect articles from rust, corrosion, mold and mildew. Bulk indicating silica gel is ideal for proprietary commercial moisture management applications.


Prevent Moisture Damage with DesiMax® Adhesive Patches

Maximum Versatility & Concealment for Small Space Moisture Management

If you searching for a solution to low level humidity-related problems and require an ultra-thin, low profile design for limited spaces, then check out these expert-developed, seemingly invisible DesiMax® moisture absorbers - the world’s first and only adhesive moisture adsorbing label. DesiMax® desiccant labels feature an ultra-thin, low profile design that makes them seem almost invisible. They require little space and are easily adapted to a wide variety of packaging applications either in a free-floating or adhesive-backed format.

Typical Applications:

  • Cap liners
  • In-Vitro diagnostic kit
  • Foil pouch packaging
  • Static control pouches
  • Diagnostic kit packaging
  • Products in powder form
  • Transdermal technology packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Medical products
  • Electronics

Customize Your Shape

The flat, flexible format of DesiMax® makes it one of the most innovative and unique desiccants available. In its typical form, DesiMax® is a square or rectangular low-profile flat label. It can be made into any shape to meet your manufacturing needs and package limitations. No matter what shape or form, DesiMax® can be adhesive-backed with a number of adhesive systems for specific applications.

Eliminate Potential Co-Mingling with Products

Dust-free and supported by a Type III Drug Master File, DesiMax® is approved for regulated food and pharmaceutical applications, they can be affixed, attached or incorporated onto the packaging material so it won’t co-mingle with the product.

DesiMax® Benefits

  • Desiccant Adhesive Labels come spooled on a release liner and can be automated or applied manually
  • Adhesive-backed to allow positive placement within your package
  • Made to eliminate co-mingling with products
  • Dust-free
  • Drug Master File is available
  • Easily applied with high-speed dispensing equipment
  • Designed to fit easily into your packaging
  • Can be custom printed with your company graphics, promotional copy, instructions, etc.

Prevent dampness from endangering your precious product and your bottom line with these Desimax® Virtually Invisible Adhesive Labels. designed for tight spaces and picky consumers!

MDS Associates can help ensure your products stay dry and arrive safely at your site. Contact us with your requirements or if you have questions about how to protect your product during shipment.

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