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Heat Stress Relief for Dogs & Horses

I was raised in a family that loved pets and as I look back fondly at my canine companions come and gone, it's obvious to me that we love the hunting and working dogs with a preference towards large-sized breeds such as the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, German Sheppard, Great Pyrenee and the Bernese Mountain Dog. We also adore the herding breeds too such as Samoyed, Border Collie and Sheltie.
Image of a Bernese Mountain Dog
My Berner named Koda (Native American for "Friend") absolutely loves the snow and the frigid winter months. She loves winter so much that every season, we pile snow so she can create a comfortable nesting area where she loves to take winter naps. But the one thing my dog really dislikes is the hot humid summer months. Her long, thick black fur may be perfect for winter insulation, but it doesn't do her any justice in the summer sun. When we adopted Koda, the breeder stressed that this breed of working dog is highly susceptible to heat stroke and to use caution when outside during the summertime.
It seems when the temperatures near 80 degrees, Koda prefers to lounge inside on the couch and in the central air but that doesn't stop us from taking her for walks. Call me paranoid, but when we venture out for a summer hike nowadays, I always have a close eye on her and I make sure we have plenty of fresh water for drinking and cooling purposes. I'll stop frequently to give her a drink and right afterwards I'll pour water on her neck, throat and head areas (I know she would thank me if she could) but there have been weather conditions and times where our water source was depleted before our day's events were over. Thanks to Techniche Pet Cooling Products, the time spent worrying about her safety and the days of lugging water containers are finally gone! I'd like to tell pet owners about some neat cooling technologies and products!

Image of Lab RetreiverEvaporative Cooling Aids for Active or Working Dogs

Dog Cooling Vests

I never really paid close to attention to the risk of heat stroke in dogs until I owned a pet susceptible to it. Now when I see the blue vests donned by police canines, military dogs, service dogs and ranch dogs I realize they aren't in an uniform, but rather donning an evaporative cooling vest. These dog cooling vests keep the dog's body temperature stable so they can work or play in the heat conditions safely. They are designed to keep canines fresher and more comfortable so they can carry out the tasks that they love to do! Lightweight and durable, these canine cooling vests are an awesome cooling device for your beloved friend and loyal companion! They are quick and easy to activate and provide long lasting cooling relief in cold pack forms or water activation styles!

Dog Cooling Pads/Beds

I love to watch dogs work! With tails wagging, they eagerly take charge of the situation. Focused solely on the task, it seems like they could run all day long but in reality, they need to lie down in the shade and cool-down. Also available for dogs are cooling beds or dog cooling pads. They are portable, durable, quick and easy to activate and provide long lasting cooling relief in water activation styles and available in different sizes. Use alone or in conjunction with cooling vests, these cooling pads are great for the yard, deck or boat and they can be used indoors too!

Evaporative Cooling Aids for HorsesImage of horse

Dogs aren't the only animals at risk of heat stroke, but horses are as well. Now available are equine evaporative cooling blankets, neck and leg coolers. Designed for horses, these cooling devices target key cooling areas on the horses body to reduce heat stress so they stay cool and comfortable. Designed for horses, these cooling blankets, neck coolers and leg wrap coolers can be used to cool other farm animals such as sheep, cattle and lamas. Perfect for the stable, for the field or for racing recovery, these horse cooling products are lightweight, durable and are an effective aid against extreme high heat temperatures.
TechNiche International strives to bring you the most current and up to date technologies in advanced Cooling and Heating Apparel while providing performance, safety and above all else comfort. Techniche Manufacturing also offers cooling products that keep you cool in extreme high heat temperatures. Stay cool and comfortable -just hit the button and...

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