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Beat the Summer Heat!

Summer is here, and with it comes sizzling hot temperatures. This is often cured with a day trip to the beach or a dip in your backyard pool, but what if you can't get there? What about those industrial workers that can't escape the sun out on the job site? They are at risk of dehydration and heat-stress. Luckily, Ergodyne® has created an awesome line of products specifically designed to keep you cool and hydrated at work or while at athletics, all at a great cost.

Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Cooling HeadwearImage of Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Cooling Headwear

This headgear is a must have for those working in high temperatures! Available in two styles, bandana or triangle hat, they provide hours of cooling relief and comfort. How does it work? Soak headgear in water 2-5 minutes to activate. Gently wring out the excess water then slap 'em on. Remains hydrated for up to 4 hours. Reusable! Available in blue or hi-vis yellow.  +click here to buy 

Image of Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Cooling Kits

Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Cooling Kit

This cooling kit is the ultimate heat protective personal equipment. Top attaches easily to hard hat suspension headband to keep worker's heads cool and comfortable, while neck shade serves as a towel and protects from harmful UV rays. Pads and neck shades feature an advanced PVA cooling technology which activates quickly when run under water for one minute. Re-soak for multiple uses!  + CLICK HERE & Cool-Down!

Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Low Profile Hydration Back PacksImage of Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Hydration Back Packs

Keep heat stress at bay with this top of the line Low Profile Hydration Back Pack. It features an insulated pack and tube to keep water cool with breakaway shoulder straps for additional safety. The wide mouth opening provides easy filling and cleaning and holds a capacity of 2L . Hydration packs travel with individuals and cold liquids are always accessible. Ideal for bike riding, landscaping, hiking, highway. Available in black or hi-vis lime. +CLICK HERE & Stay Hydrated!

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