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Moisture, Mold, Mildew & Rust Prevention for Automobile Interiors & Marine Cabins

Classic car collectors and car enthusiasts have invested much time and money restoring or beautifying their treasures. Many unfortunate auto collectors have been shocked to see that mold and mildew have developed in the car's interior during storage.

Humidity is known to be the natural enemy to classic and antique automobiles and lowering the relative humidity is critical to prevent the growth of mold ExhibiSafe®/Transorb® Moisture Controland mildew. The damaging effects of moisture, such as mold, mildew and rust lead to critical deterioration of your automobile interior, boat cabin and RV interiors. The damage may be beyond restoration and can also create offensive odors.

Moisture stems from condensation which occurs in sealed or air tight environments or compartments that are subject to fluctuations in temperature. Boat Cabins, Automobiles, and RV coaches are often sealed when not in use and therefore lack ventilation. Garages, sheds, barns and storage units are used for seasonal storage but  are often dark and damp, making them the perfect environment to breed surface fungi.

Cleaning mold and mildew from auto and marine fabrics is not an easy or safe thing to do. Chemicals often attack fabrics that can cause deterioration such as splitting, cracking, and discoloration. Additionally chemicals can create dangerous VOC's that could put people in respiratory distress. If you have tried retail moisture absorber hanging bags or plastic type catch buckets with a reservoir, you know these cause a water by-product. Hanging bags don't shut down when fully saturated, rather they continually drip a syrup like substance until removed or re-charged while catch buckets are prone to spilling.

Humidity Control | Prevent Rust Mold, Mildew & Odor

Patented TranSorb® & ExhibiSafe® Pouches Encapsulate Moisture into Dry Crystals

Now available! Two patented, USA made, commercial-grade disposable dehumidifier pouches designed to keep interiors fresh and pristine. These moisture absorber pouches capture and convert moisture into non-toxic, non-caustic dry crystals that won't drip or leach ever! ExhibiSafe and TranSorb are non-flammable, non-dusting and made of heat-sealed Tyvek® material. And best yet, they are non-leaching and safe for all use.

+ExhibiSafe moisture absorber humidifier packs retain a large quantity of water and maintain ambient conditions to create safe humidity levels conducive to storage and preservation. The pouch self-regulates moisture-levels to consistently maintain 50% relative humidity (RH) for up to one year!  Select this moisture absorber for car museums, display cases, antique automobiles, car restoration and parts.

Size: 7-1/2" x 9"   Weight: 454 gram (1-lb) bag 

Sold two bags per sealed pack     1-Year Shelf Life

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1-twin pack @...$13.95ea   6-twin packs @...$12.50ea   15-twin packs @...$11.00ea

+Transorb moisture control dehumidifier packs were featured in Hemmings Motor News & Old Cars Weekly. These have been used with great success.  Originally used within oceanic shipping containers and secondary packaging to protect products against moisture damage during shipping, TranSorb® desiccant pouches retain over 1-1/2 lbs of water quickly and lower dew points to create a dryer environment. The pouches maintain 50% relative humidity (RH) for up to 60+ Days at 86ºF+ & 90% humidity!
Select this moisture absorber for summer-use and short-term winter storage of classic automobiles, muscle cars, exotic automobiles, boat cabins and RV coaches. One pouch treats approximately 36 sq. feet (3' x 4' x 3') and requires no maintenance. TranSorb automatically activates when moisture is present, but for best results, replace pack within 4 months, especially in humid conditions.  To increase the duration of days, or to gain absorption volumes, simply place an equal amount of extra packs in area to be treated!

Size: 7-1/2" x 11-1/2"    Weight: 196 gram (6.9-oz) bag

1-Year Shelf Life

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For best performance, moisture control packs are freshly manufactured. Sometimes longer lead times result. We hope you understand.

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