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Infection-Control Barriers & Covers

Helping to prevent cross-contamination is an essential duty in dentistry and can be completed with proper infection control protocols. The use of disposable covers speeds up the room prep process while increasing efficiency for staff members. Help protect your patients and staff, MDS Associates offers a full range of disposable dental barriers, sleeves, and covers.
According to the CDC, disposable barriers should cover surfaces that may be contaminated by blood or saliva and that are difficult or impossible to disinfect. The coverings should be removed, discarded, and replaced with clean material between patients. Alongside the use of barriers for hoses, headrests, and chairs, the CDC recommends them for handles or dental unit attachments of saliva ejectors, high-speed air evacuators, and air/water syringes.

For more information on barrier protection products check out our Infection Control Barriers article in our Educational Pages section!


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