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Contain Fluids with Desiccants & Liquid AbsorbersIntelligent Solutions in   Adsorption &  Immobilization  

Protection Against Unseen Threats That Destroy Products & Packaging

A box’s function is to protect its internal item from transportation damages and to create a barrier against external elements such as dust, the sun and from human handling. You could say it is pretty important or it wouldn’t be used in the first place. But there are some drawbacks to using packaging, especially cardboard.

Sealed environments such as secondary packaging are subjected to fluctuations in temperatures and this creates condensation or dampness referred to as "the sweats". Unregulated, it will cause extensive mold, mildew, rust, odor or corrosion. Available in different sizes, styles and blends, desiccants crave airborne moisture and help regulate internal build-up. 

Transported medical fluids or specimens placed inside medical shipping containers and bio-specimen transportation bags are prone to spillage and need to be contained as part of DOT CFR49 and UN3373 ComplianceMade with super absorbing polymers, self-rupturing fluid immobilizer packets and laminated sheets are perfect for the safe handling of aqueous solutions and infectious medical waste.

What’s Inside Your Package?

TranSorb® Moisture Absorber Strips-DESICCANTS (MOISTURE ABSORBERS)

Consumer goods packaged in corrugated fiberboard cartons, shrink wrapped and then loaded inside cargo shipping containers, railcars or truck trailers are exposed to vary climatic conditions. Transorb® High Performance Large Desiccant Bagss are designed for very hot, very humid environments where high moisture content or condensation is expected. Perfect for protecting spices, flours, clothing, furniture, equipment, canned produce and more. This large size humidity absorber can be placed inside secondary packaging and/or placed throughout the interior of the transporting vessel without the fear of leaching. Also available in a net format that's designed to be hung, Transorb® Strips feature a three bag strip construction.

The presence of moisture and other volatiles in packaging can pose a critical challenge to the stability and long-term shelf life of many packaged products. If you packaged, ship or protect nutraceuticals, regulated pharmaceuticals or food items, MiniPax® Desiccant Packs and MultiForm CSF® Non-Separating Solid-Form Desiccant Canisters are efficient ways to control moisture and volatiles. These compact desiccants preserve the physical and chemical stability of your sealed drug product, medical device, or dietary supplement along the distribution chain and are ideal for automatic or hand packaging operations. Multiform CSF® canisters and most MiniPax® are supported by a Type III Drug Master File, use FDA approved 21 CFR-compliant materials and are suitable for use in all regulated product packaging.

If you concerned about contamination from a ruptured absorber pack and prefer a "forever" desiccant with an indicator, check out DriCan®. DriCan® is a rigid, perforated and encapsulated desiccating canister that rapidly and actively dries the surrounding air and keeps it that way. These canisters are designed to protect all types of sealed or enclosed articles from deterioration, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew and other damage caused by excess moisture or high humidity. DriCan® can be used in all types of moisture-resistant containers and packages including  airtight jars, cans, plastic pouches, tool boxes, wall safes, electrical compartments, display cases and more. DriCan® canisters contains 40 grams (1.5 oz.) of carefully formulated and closely managed Blue Indicating Silica Gel that attracts water vapor and when the beads turn pink, it can be regenerated for re-use. Available in aluminum or plastic construction.

Designed to provide moisture protection and space economy to packaged goods, Drikette® Desiccant Paper can be cut to match any shape, it conforms to any packaging and may be placed inside product packaging without the bulkiness of desiccant bags or sachets. These thin,  semi-rigid absorbing sheet is infused with silica gel and are used to provide precise protection, flexible coverage and are preferred when space is limited or complex.


If you’re seeking the ideal solution for the shipping, storing, handling and transportation of aqueous solutions, dilute alkalis, toxic solutions, urine/blood specimens, etiologic agents, radioactive solutions or bio hazardous fluids that need to be contained, then consider DriMop® Liquid Solidifier Packs or when space is limited, select DriMop® Liquid Solidifier Sheets.

SaniSorb® Liquid Absorbers are used in many healthcare facilities all over the world to rapidly contain infectious waste fluids. SaniSorb® is packaged in pre-measured and dissolvable packets that are simply dropped into the suction canister, kick bucket, or other bio-fluid waste container to quickly immobilize the fluid.

These self-dissolving and rapid absorbing fluid solidifiers/immobilizers self burst and absorb over 400 times its weight, reduces particulates, bacterial exposure and will dissolve within minutes on contact. DriMop® and SaniSorb® liquid solidifying pouches allow medical facilities and labs to be compliant with the handling, shipping, storage, containment and compliance risks of diagnostic specimens, infectious substances or dangerous goods and reduce cross-contamination.

These products are part of a full line of sorbent products that solve your moisture and odor packaging problems. Protect your brand, employees , specimens and products during shipping and storage ...

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