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MEGAComfort® | Mega Toe Overshoe™

** Now Made with Composite Toe Caps**

MEGAComfort® MEGA Composite Toe Overshoe™

Useful in Temporary Environments Where There’s Risk of Toe Damage or Where Steel Toe Protection is Required.

Guarding toes from falling materials or other hazards is crucial to providing an industrial safety device that can survive the challenges of a construction site or factory. Warehouses, production centers and assembly lines are filled with all type of inconspicuous hazards capable of accidental crushing or stubbing of the toes and the MEGAComfort® Mega Overshoe™ is just the solution.

Companies Concerned With Foot Injury Hazards Have An Affordable Solution For Visitors or Workers Who Require Steel Toe Protection


Specifically designed to protect the toes from fallen objects, pallets and heavy equipment, MEGA Overshoe™ composite safety shoes are the perfect alternative for men and women workers, visitors, temporary workers, management, clerical staff and salesmen. Mega Overshoe™ safety toe shoe covers can be reused over again and shared from person to person without concern for hygiene or size restraints.  Designed to be high and wide enough to accommodate most low-heeled, closed footwear, MEGA Overshoe™ slip-on easily can be comfortably worn over street shoes, sneakers and most boots.

Made with a composite toe (also known as “Comp Toe”), they are completely metal free and therefore do not conduct electricity and are highly suitable for individuals that have to pass through metal detectors such as those who work in nuclear plants, security, the courts or airports. Personnel will notice they’re much lighter than their steel counterparts and promote good maneuverability, comfort and productivity. The crack-resistant, Prop 65 Compliant waterproof PVC upper protects shoes from spills and splashes while the pronounced outsole provides exceptional slip-resistance on typical surfaces. For enhanced foot protection, insert a puncture-resistant PAM® insole!

MEGA Overshoe™ Product Features:

  • Composite toe cap is 25% lighter than steel and does not transfer cold or hot external temperatures
  • PVC for better fit around all footwear - Prop 65 Compliant
  •  Ideal for casual workers, management, clerical staff and visitors
  • Composite toe cap meets and exceeds the impact and compression performance criteria of ASTM F2413-11
  • Unique and effective tread design provides exceptional slip resistance
  • Hygienic, available for multiple & repeat uses
  • Fully waterproof and crack resistant
  • 5 graduated color sizes makes fitting easy

Size small is white, medium is yellow, large is orange, extra large is purple and double extra large is green

Reduce Costs, Lower Liabilities and Increase Productivity. Contact us for volume or corporate discounts, to place an order or to answer questions.

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