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Metallic taste is a taste disorder known medically as dysgeusia.Rid the Metal Taste with MetaQil® Oral Rinse & Get Back Your Appetite

What is metallic taste? Metallic taste is a taste disorder known medically as dysgeusia. Metallic taste can develop suddenly or over longer periods of time. It can be a result of poor dental hygiene, a health condition, a side effect of certain medications, radiation or from cancer chemotherapy. Many pregnant often complain about a metallic taste. If you ever sucked on a penny or worn braces and accidently contacted aluminum foil,  you understand.

Approximately 15 Million U.S. Adults Experience Taste Disorders

Those who are affected often describe the condition as having persistent and overwhelming metal, rancid, sour or bitter taste in the mouth. This sensation is not affected by the flavors of foods. In fact, it can produce quite the opposite effect, making even your favorite meals taste unpleasant. This may cause loss of appetite, interfere with eating habits and, in turn, cause inadequate nutrient intake which is a critical component in cancer treatments.  Metallic taste can be caused by over 500 medications that include:

•Antibiotics                                                                       •Chemotherapy

•Antihypertensive & cardiac meds                               •Antidepressants

•Anticonvulsants                                                             •Muscle relaxants

•Antihistamines & Decongestants                                •Antimanic drugs

•Lipid-lowering agents                                                   •Antithydroid agents

•Antineoplastics                                                              •Antipsychotics

•Anti-inflammatory agents                                           •Antiparkinsonian agents


There's a Product That's Helping Cancer Patients Through Chemotherapy

The First of Its Kind | MetaQil® Oral Rinse : Rid Metallic Taste

In a clinical study, 83% of chemo patients found MetaQil® helped with the metallic taste. Consequently, many were able to gain weight.

MetaQil® is a mouth rinse designed to alleviate the persistent sensation of unusual taste in the mouth. Made from a scientifically designed formula, MetaQil® can help relieve the symptoms of metal taste from medications, chemotherapy, radiation or certain health conditions and make the mouth feel refreshed and normal again. It provides patients the ability to eat better so they can gain back lost weight!


MetQil® supports treatments, medicines and is elevating chemo success rates.

Rinsed from the mouth, MetaQil® is not ingested and consequently not metabolized by the body. Therefore it does not interact with prescription drugs,   chemo drugs nor will it negatively alter theraputic treatments. MetaQil® provides patients the ability to fulfill their full treatment courses which increases their chances for success.


MetaQil® contains essential oils that are scientifically proven to comfort taste disorders. It has a very mild flavor and does not burn or sting the mouth like typical mouthwash. All ingredients in MetaQil® are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS-listed) by the FDA. These include purified water, monk fruit extract, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, vitamin E, citric acid, xylitol, sodium citrate, menthone glycerin acetal, polysorbate-20, Polyox WSR N12K.


  • Instant Relief
  • Gentle
  • Fresh and Cool Feeling
  • Safe Ingrediants
  • On-the-Go Option Size Bottle


Available in 2 ounces and 8 ounces bottles,  usage is safe and quick – just rinse with 1 tsp. or 5ml for 30 seconds up to 8 hours or 3 times a day as needed.


Day 1- Good, Day 2-Better, Day 3- Best.

*MetaQil® refreshes slowly and gains maximum effect on day 3. Please allow three days for full effect.

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