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MultiSorb Corporate Referrals 

Welcome to MDS Associates – it’s our pleasure to meet you.

MultiSorb® Filtration Group and MDS Associates are working together to make the transition process as easy as possible for you. Together we are striving to decrease the lead times on the products you have come to depend on. Below is some basic information to help guide you through the transition, but feel free to contact us directly at any time.

Here is what MDS Associates can offer you:

  • Pricing: When possible, MDS will honor the price you had in place with Multisorb. In many cases due to the buying power that comes with this consolidation we've been able to save customers money.
  • Payment Terms: For customers who have good standing net 30 terms with Multisorb we will waive the credit application process and extend Net 30 terms. For credit card customers we accept all major credit cards.
  • No Tariff Surcharges:  (Multisorb is currently adding a surcharge to all 2019 invoices.)
  • Dedicated Stock: We will gladly stock your item(s) and maintain inventory on your behalf.
  • Shipping: We can ship orders UPS collect. Otherwise, we will prepay the shipping and add it to your invoice.
  • Automatic Product Replacement: Allows customers to schedule — on a recurring basis — when their products are shipped. This eliminates the chances of back orders, reduces inventory and increases service levels. Dates can be changed at any time. * Highly recommended*
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our team provides responsive and quick customer service Monday-Friday 8:30am -5:00pm E.S.T.
  • Ordering: We accept orders via the phone, fax, email or on-line.

Please feel free to contact Jon Gill ([email protected]) or Chris Stec ([email protected]) for products not listed, to place an order or answer your questions anytime.

You can download a copy of our W9 here+

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Thank you for considering MDS Associates – we look forward to working with you!

Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 E.S.T.

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