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Protecting the Interior of Collectible Automobiles from Moisture, Mold & Mildew

Thu, Oct 22nd 2015 02:00 pm

As Featured in Hemmings Motor News & Old Cars Weekly

Classic car collectors have spent much money and often invested considerable time restoring their treasures to their original beauty. Many unfortunate collectors who live in changing weather climates have often been shocked to see that mold and mildew have developed in the car's interior during winter storage.

Humidity is known to be a natural enemy to classic cars, and lowering the relative humidity is critical to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. While in dead storage, the car is exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. As the temperature and humidity fluctuate, at some point the temperature of the car's interior materials will be lower than the dew point of the air. It is at this point that condensation begins to occur. Even if this only happens momentarily, the moisture may be enough to promote the growth of mold, mildew, and corrosive rust on the vehicle.

In Buffalo, New York, two companies, Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum and Multisorb Technologies, have joined together to ensure that antique and collectable cars are protected from moisture than can destroy the cars' interiors. The Pierce-Arrow Museum, whose museum artifacts include historic automobiles, bicycles, Pierce-Arrow memorabilia, other Buffalo-made automobiles and related artifacts, was opened in 2001 by Jim Sandoro and his wife Marry Ann.

As President, Jim brings over 50 years of expertise to the museum as an appraiser of high-dollar classic cars and restorer of hundreds of antique cars. Established as a non profit 501(c)(3) organization, the museum showcases more than 250,000 historic artifacts that tell the story of the rich transportation history of Western New York. Spawned from a childhood interest in a neighbor's Pierce-Arrow Town Car, the museum's vast collection is a culmination of more than 45 years of passion for the collecting of memorabilia and antique automobiles by the couple.

For all the time, energy, and money put into collecting these historic cars, Jim Sandoro's Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum can't afford to leave them unprotected from moisture. Unregulated moisture can severely damage the cars, sometimes beyond restoration.


This is where Multisorb used it's expertise to provide the perfect solution. Sandoro had been using Multisorb's moisture regulating product in his display cases for years. So it was easy for him to trust Multisorb's TranSorb® desiccant bags to protect his cars.

Multisorb is the leading global manufacturer of desiccant solutions. They have been providing solutions to challenging moisture and oxygen problems in electronics, food & beverage packaging, healthcare packaging, and industrial applications for more than 50 years. TranSorb desiccant bags are most commonly used in shipping containers and warehouses, so using them inside cars in storage is a natural fit. TranSorb desiccant bags are very effective in absorbing and retaining a large quantity of moisture, when used in the proper storage environment.

"In laboratory testing each TranSorb bag bas been able to pick up and absorb more than 1lb of moisture at 86F or greater, at 90% relative humidity for a 90-100 day time period," explained Multisorb's Russ D'Anna, Business Development Leader - Logistics and Industrial Packaging.

TranSorb desiccant bags are economical and easy to use. In typical car storage conditions with one bag in the front of the car, one in the back, and one in the trunk, the bags will last approximately 3-4 months. When the bag reaches full saturation, it will not leak, and can easily be replaced with a fresh desiccant bag.

The simplicity and effectiveness are why Sandoro trusts the protection of TranSorb desiccant bags. "The bags eliminate moisture, so we see no mold or mildew growth and the cars smell fresher when we take them from storage," he said.

An important benefit Sandoro noted is that the use of TranSorb bags prevents having to clean up mold from the car's interior, which can be very involved and dangerous, often times requiring the use of products that are not good for the materials within the car.

Sandoro, a lifetime Pierce Arrow and collectable car aficionado recently purchases and building adjacent to his current Buffalo museum, which will allow him to display even more of his vast collection. As long as the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum shocases these valuable antique automobiles, Multisob's TranSorb desiccant bags will be helping to protect them from moisture damage.

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