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When Single Use Gloves Are As Scarce As Surface Disinfectants

by mdsassociates
Wed, Apr 22nd 2020 08:00 am

Infectious disease experts say regular cleaning of surfaces with effective disinfectants is another infection control weapon to combat the spread of the virus.
Disinfectants are substances or preparations that kill off or inactivate micro-organisms on surfaces, including skin and mucous.  While sterilization aims at destroying all microbes completely, disinfection aims to kill off pathogens or reduce their numbers by damaging them irreversibly, so that they can no longer cause infections.

Because of the risks associated with exposure to chemical disinfectants and contaminated surfaces, it’s recommended that personnel wear appropriate PPE to prevent exposure to infectious agents or chemicals. PPE can include gowns, coveralls, disposable gloves, eye protection, masks and eye shields.
Butyl outperforms the heaviest of single-use type nitrile gloves and nothing matches butyl’s permeation (hold-out or chemical seeps) and degradation (physical changes that happen to a glove).
The reduced-mil style gloves (5-mil and 7-mil) are flexible, soft to wear, look and feel like a single-use nitrile glove, but be assured, butyl is a protective beast! In fact, one pair of butyl gloves can translate to using several thousand pairs of heavy gauge disposable type nitrile gloves. You don't need to dispose butyl gloves after use - simply wash, rinse  and hang dry! You can learn more....


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