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There's one word that immediately brings up an emotion I can’t explain. I imagine it is the same for many others.

If you say this word around people who walked or are walking the road, there's an immediate bond.  Once this word becomes a part of your everyday, you will never be the same-it changes things forever.

That horrible word is cancer.

I decided to share this personal story with you about how cancer affected our family and most importantly about a product I recently discovered that is helping cancer patients eat better and consequently improving treatments. I believe that had this product been available for us back when, it could have helped. If you are reading this and seeking a remedy to alleviate "metal mouth", I hope it will help you.

MDS Associates | A Family Business that Fought the Fight

Our business was owned and operated by a wonderful person named Marianne. She was my mother, friend, my business associate and founder of the company my wife and I now own. I still remember the day the cancer doctor meet with our family. For me, it was the day I learned my mom was dying. That day would be December 7th 2010. She succumbed to a horrible and terminal disease called pancreatic cancer - thus our selection of purple for our corporate color.

Looking back at her courageous fight, she never grumbled about anything. If she was in discomfort, we never knew. However there was one thing she did complain about and it was a metal taste from her chemotherapy (known medically as dysgeusia).

She explained to us how this metal flavor coated her entire mouth and when food was introduced, it became magnifide. It was so over whelming, she could not tolerate anything but a single spoonful of applesauce. 

We tried all types of mouthwashes, lozenges, protein bars, drinks and bagged foods. I drove from vitamin shop to remedy shops all across town – I was determined to find that one product that would help her eat. Then one day, she asked for me to stop the running around. I felt so hopeless.

I wish this product was available for us back then, maybe things would have been more tolerable. That first chemo treatment marked the start of the end for Marianne -she would no longer be able to maintain a proper diet as nutrition is a crucial component to cancer treatments. That horrible metallic taste also made Marianne eventually decide to stop the chemo treatments all together.

A Humanitarian Product Made By A Neighbor Business That Relieves Dysgeusia


This Revolutionary Oral Wash is Helping Patients Manage Taste Disorders & Improving Cancer Treatments All Over the United States

One day, a very nice woman stopped by our business for supplies. We inquired about the company and the products they sold. It was then I was told about this mouthwash that at first, I thought was just another over-the-counter consumer product.  Boy was I completely wrong! MetaQil® oral rinse is revolutionary ... a serious game changer ... a bright spot to not so good times and it's helping patients all over the world!

After hearing about its benefits and how it has helped thousands of people who suffer from metallic taste, I felt a personal calling and asked the company to allow MDS to market and distribute it. The product I am referring to is....

The First of Its Kind | MetaQil®



Made from a scientifically designed formula, MetaQil® can help relieve the symptoms of metal taste from medications, chemotherapy, radiation or certain health conditions and make the mouth feel refreshed and normal again.

MetaQil® has a very mild flavor and does not burn or sting the mouth like typical mouthwash. MetaQil® contains essential oils that are scientifically proven to comfort taste disorders and all ingredients in MetaQil® are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS-listed) by the FDA. .

MetaQil® can be applied as needed, and because there is no need to swallow, it will not upset the stomach. Its innovative ingrediants cool the mouth and provide long-lasting relief and comfort. Regular use of MetaQil® can help patients return to healthy eating and adequate nutrient intake which is elevating treatment successes. 

MetaQil® refreshes slowly and gains a maximum effect on day 3.

Available in 2 ounces and 8 ounces bottles,  usage is safe and quick – just rinse with 1 tsp. or 5ml for 30 seconds up to 8 hours or 3 times a day as needed.

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When you purchase from MDS, a portion of our proceeds will go directly to pancreatic research.

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In memory Marianne Stec 12/7/2010