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Applying Prefense™ Sanitizer is Like Wearing Invisible Barrier GlovesThis 2009 photograph captured a sneeze in progress, revealing the plume of salivary droplets as they are expelled in a large cone-shaped array from this man's open mouth, thereby, dramatically illustrating the reason one needs to cover his/her mouth when coughing, or sneezing, in order to protect others from germ exposure. Photo credit James Gathany. Content Provider CDC/ Brian Judd. This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

With the holiday season approaching, shopping trips to the overcrowded mall is inevitable. And so are germs!

If you are like me, I pretty much scrutinize items I come in contact with. I am always wondering if common public surfaces such as handrails, elevator buttons, escalator rails, tabletops or fixtures are sanitized and I try not to handle items like condiment dispensers because we all know these items are never cleaned but touched by the hands of many. I really don't like flushing public toilets nor do I like opening a public bathroom door by the handle. I never drink from public water fountains nor will I touch a rental car's steering wheel if it isn't sanitized down first. Shaking a person's hand often makes me wonder where his or her hands were before the skin-to-skin contact.  

Prefense™ Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer is a Serious Game Changer

Well, there's a new alcohol-free instant hand sanitizer on the market and it's a serious game changer. Not only is it much more effective, it's non-irritating, non-toxic, safe for children and one single dose of this stuff can be effective for 24 hours or thorough 10 hand washes!  Applying one dose of Prefense™ Foam Hand Sanitizer is like donning a pair of invisible protective gloves. How is this possible?

Traditional hand sanitizers simply cover the skin and only kill germs that are present on the skin's surface. Once dried, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are no longer effective against germs contacted. Germs will continue to thrive on the skin until the next dose is applied but beware, the first dose of the day is the most effective and as the day progresses, doses become less and less effective.

The active ingredients in Prefense™ moisturizing foam sanitizer safely binds with the skin and creates a hydrogen bond with skin cells to create an undetectable protective barrier and actively slices through the cell wall to kill pathogens upon contact.

Only One Brand Can Claim 24 Hour Barrier Protection | Prefense

PATENTED: #6613755

Prefense's invisible barrier eventually sheds naturally after 24-60 hours or through excessive hand washings. In lab tests Prefense™ remained bonded to the skin for up to 48 hours, however, human skin sloughs off at a rate of 20-40 million cells per day, limiting the recommended interval to 24 hours or for 10 normal hand washings like restroom breaks.

Thanks to Prefense™, I now have an all-day protective barrier and a new level of confidence when venturing out in public. I no longer fear things like MRSA, E.Coli, strep or staph and I can come in contact with commonly shared public items or areas with less concern about germ transfers.  I believe in this product so much, we now start the day off by applying Prefense to my children's hands before school and sporting events and have noticed a drastic reduction in the number of sick days.

And here is the best part - Prefense™ can also be used as a surface sanitizer! Prevent cross contamination for up to 28 days by simply applyingfoam sanitizer product to any surface and allow to air dry or wipe clean. Apply Prefense to handles, light switches, countertops, writing utensils, stove tops, keyboards, remote controls and more!  

Available in different dispensing sizes, purchase the 1.5-oz size spray bottle (120 doses) when traveling, the 8-oz spray bottle (640 doses) for desktop or home use, the 1-Liter dispenser system for wall mount dispenser (5000 doses) for common public areas like the bathroom or cafeteria.

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