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Halyard® Purple Nitrile® Max Hi-Risk Exam GlovesExtreme Conditions Require Extreme Gloves

Maximum Hand and Arm Coverage For High-Risk Hand Situations : Single-Use PURPLE NITRILE® MAX GLOVES

Operators who work in emergency medical services, central sterilization, medical research or chemotherapy are regularly exposed to harsh, hazardous substances and conditions. One case of exposure could result in serious illness.

The hands are a worker's instruments, and the proper hand protection against hazardous, infectious fluids or chemicals is a critical component to protecting their personal safety and preventing cross contamination ... But not all single-use gloves are created equal.

Most standard single-use gloves are made for basic, non-hazardous applications that require tactile touch. These gloves are usually 9-inches in length and feature reduced mil-thickness that allow for tactile touch. Typical disposable gloves are more appropriate for applications such as patient exams or food processing but are not suggested hand protection for extreme or hi-risk circumstances.


Over the years, many glove manufactuers have introduced single-use hi-risk gloves that feature extended 12-inch cuffs and are typically thicker. Designed for additional strength and better wrist/arm coverage, hi-risk gloves area better option in hand protection but there's a drawback - the cuffs slide down to the wrists.

Halyard® Health proves "Purple Means Protection" with the introduction of PURPLE NITRILE* MAX, the newest member of their single-use latex-free exam glove family. Durable and easy-to-don, Purple Nitrile Max Powder-Free Gloves offer technicians with critical safety features noted below.


Reach and work in confidence! Purple Nitrile Max Glove’s are constructed with a snug-fitting, 16-inch long tapered cuff for protection that covers the entire forearm.. This innovative design prevents roll-down or exposure and reduces self adjustments that potentially leads to cross contamination

Halyard® Purple Nitrile® Max Hi-Risk Exam GlovesHEAVIER GAUGE THICKNESS

At 11-mil thick, Purple Nitrile Max Gloves are more than twice the weight of other style gloves and feature increased fingertip thickness for enhanced confidence when handling dirty instruments, decontamination chemicals or infectious liquids.


The surface of a nitrile glove can be slippery. To help assist workers, many gloves have a textured surface but only on the fingertips. Purple Nitrile Max features a full textured surface that includes the fingertips and the palm for excellent wet and dry gripping power .


Purple Nitrile Max Exam Gloves are an excellent choice for protection against chemical exposure. They have been tested against 52 chemotherapy drugs per the ASTM D6978, Standard Practice for Assessment of Resistance of Medical Gloves to Permeation by Chemotherapy Drugs, as well as common chemicals found in the healthcare environment.

  •     Small, 400/case (44992)
  •     Medium, 400/case (44993)
  •     Large, 400/case (44994)
  •     X-Large, 400/case (44995)

Eliminate the need to wear double or triple gloves with the longer and thicker Purple Nitrile Max. Protection specifically for technicians, researchers and operators who work in hazardous environments, all the way to the mid-forearm. But don’t our word for it, just hit the button and ...

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