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4/7/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  1,365,327 confirmed cases | 76,504 reported deaths  | 47,666 in critical condition

4/7/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  1,365,327 confirmed cases | 76,504 reported deaths  | 47,666 in critical condition

Fly High & Keep Germs at Bay

Infection Control Respiratory Travel Kits

N95 Respiratory Protection Travel Safety Kits For some, the statistics about how safe flying is compared to driving doesn’t subdue the fears of claustrophobia, heights or anxiety that their plane will malfunction and crash. Now add COVID-19 coronavirus to the mix.

While the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released their guidance on aircraft cleaning, some airlines have bumped up sanitation efforts to stem the virus' spread. While much is still unknown about this outbreak, the spread of novel coronavirus has consumed mass media pushing the most confident flyers to question whether flying at this time is worth risking their personal health.

We Have Something Than Can Help Protect You When Using Mass Transportation

These respiratory protection kits are ideal for cancer patients (+other cancer kits available here), the elderly, those with weakened immunity or for individuals traveling via public mass transportation.  Don't cancel that business trip, vacation or important medical procedure just yet! If you plan on traveling for work or pleasure and concerned about the transmission of contagious germs, then we have just the thing for you!

These protective respiratory kits are intended for use in infection control practices to minimize contamination caused by inhaled and exhaled microorganisms and to reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to blood, body fluids and surface germs.

Designed with your personal safety in mind, airline travel kit contains reputable preventative items that enable you to fly with greater peace of mind.  Each  pack contains enough supplies to get you to and from your destination and includes protective surfaces barriers too!

This Kit Contains:

  • 1 each – protective respiratory device (available in N95 styles and pleated styles)
  • 1 each - 1.5oz spray bottle of patented Prefense™ 24-Hour Hand Sanitizer & Surface Protector
  • 3 pairs (6 each) - single-use latex-free exam gloves
  • 6 packets - antimicrobial packets (70% sterile isopropyl alcohol) for surface sanitation
  • 2 each – clear elastic polyethylene skins that stretch and cover most airplane passenger trays
  • 2 each - 13" x 18" embossed 3-ply cellulose liner with poly backing
  • 1 each - 6"x9" swipe/touch compatible electronics barrier sleeve*

*Resealable barrier sleeve protects against liquid sprays, germ contamination, dust and more. Will not infringe the touch or swipe functionality of a device.

Custom requests? Need more items? Just drop us a comment and we will be glad to pack you extra!

Now you have the confidence to get on the bus, board that plane or ride the train. All you need to do now is tap the link below and ...

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While disinfecting is helpful, frequent hand washing is among a traveler's best defenses, infectious disease experts say.

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