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A Revolutionary Patented Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer is Transforming Hand Hygiene & Contamination Control

24 Hour Protection with Just One Dose

Just imagine if there was the perfect hand sanitizer available that was alcohol-free and capable of providing all-day continual barrier protection against the nastiest of pathogens with just a single daily dose. We could send our kids to school knowing they are protected against common transferrable school germs and reduce sick days.  Chefs and healthcare workers could work without the fear of cross contaminating dangerous bacteria. Individuals suffering from Mysophobia, also known as verminophobia, germophobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia and bacteriophobia could touch common public surfaces such as fixtures, handles, switches, handrails and office tools with a new level of confidence! Well folks the day has arrived and please help spread the word!

We are excited to announce that there's a new patented instant hand sanitizer about to transform healthcare and revolutionize hand hygiene protocols while lower usage costs and raising infection control compliance to new levels.

Prefense is a revolutionary non-toxic, non-flammable, moisturizing hand sanitizing foam that protects individuals from germs with just one dose per day. The patented alcohol-free silica based formula soothes and moisturizes the hands while providing up to 24-hour protection or 10 hand washings against a wide spectrum of pathogens including staph, strep, E. Coli and drug-resistant MRSA! 

More and More Hospitals are Switching to Prefense!Prefenseā„¢ Alcohol-Free Foam Sanitizer Lasts Up to 24 Hours

Perfect for healthcare providers, food processing operators and school children, Prefense™ easily out-performs the competition. Traditional alcohol-based sanitizers only kill germs that are actively on the skin, but they don't protect you after the product is dry. While other formulas lose their effectiveness in seconds, Prefense™ silica based formula safely bonds to the skin, gets fiercer with each dose and actively slices through the cell wall to kill pathogens upon contact. And the killing power doesn't stop here.

Add Prefense Surface Protectant to Your Master Sanitation Protocol

To keep common public areas germ-free and sanitary for up to 28 days, Prefense is also designed for use as a surface protectant solution. Locker rooms, carpet, floors, garments, counters, furniture, equipment, and waste and trash containers all can be treated to reduce the spread of pathogens. Because of the persistence of this product, it provides protection over time, allowing you do more with limited resources. To treat items, dip, soak, or spray, and allow to dry.

Available in different dispensing sizes, purchase the 1.5-oz size spray bottle (120 doses) for traveling, the 8-oz spray bottle (640 doses) for desktop use, the 1-Liter sealed system for wall mount dispenser (5000 doses) for common public areas like the bathroom or cafeteria.

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