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School HysteriaWill schools reopen?

When fall arrives, will the students return to school? If administrators put off ordering essential infection control supplies and PPE, they might be left unprotected!

School districts across the United States are being forced to reconsider their reopening plans and even reverse course for the upcoming school year, as coronavirus infection rates continue to spike and hot zones remerge. 

The resurgence of the coronavirus in the United States has ignited fierce debates about whether to reopen schools. Global health officials warn that the pandemic will intensify and are calling for shut-downs. The White House on the other hand insists that America's schools reopen for in-person education this fall.

While the debate rages on, school administrators shouldn’t wait to purchase supplies essential to defending against the spread of the coronavirus. If you are a school official, administrator or in charge of Environmental Health and Safety, you will most likely need to secure personal protection equipment (PPE) for staff, students and visitors. Surface barriers, hand sanitizer and surface disinfectants too! The longer you wait, the harder these will be to procure.

You can’t afford to gamble on a school shut-down so we urge you to shop MDS for your essential infection control supplies sooner rather than later!

In case you haven’t heard, there are dramatic shortages affecting PPE all across the USA and world. Hoarding, infection spikes, 90-day inventories, raw material shortages, public/consumer demand and factory allocations continue to devastate the supply chain. But don’t worry …

MDS has competitively priced essential supplies to help combat the cross-contamination of infectious pathogens and bacteria.  Below are popular items purchased by educational facilities across the country!


  • Face Covers & Masks

You won’t find a better 3-ply ear-loop style mask for the money! These +ValuBran 75-FM-EL-PK ear-loop masks feature a fluid-resistant outer layer that repels fluids/droplets and a hypo-allergenic silky soft inner layer soothes the skin. An adjustable nose band and pleated design provides the wearer with the ability to create a proper seal.. The +PIP® 75-393-FC10 Reusable Lightweight Face Covers feature a contoured shape, elastic head straps (no ear-loops), 2-ply high performance polyester material and an antimicrobial coating that lasts through 30 wash cycles. Wicks away moisture, easy to breathe and talk! Use the optional chamber for filter media such as a loop mask. Perfect for athletics, music, administrators and student use. One size fits most.


Now available are specially designed youth sized disposable medical-grade protective face masks from Dynarex®The smaller size (5.7" x 3.75") easily conforms to children’s faces for maximum protection against fluids and boasts an impressive Bacteria Filter Efficiency (BFE) >  98% against unwanted airborne particles. Check out these new washable antibacterial 3-layer protective face masks equipped with multiple state-of-the-art textile technologies and ePTFE Nanometer Membrane whose filtration efficiency is >95%! Uses Nano Silver Ion to prevent growth of microorganisms. Contoured styling, loop bands, choice of colors.

  • Disposable AAMI Rated Isolation Gowns

MDS has +AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gowns and +AAMI Level 3 Isolations Gowns made of high-quality polyethylene material. Popular and commonly worn in hospital emergency rooms, trauma centers and emergency services. FDA compliant Isolation Gowns provide impervious barrier protection, price relief and good capacity. Made with thumb loops that reduce exposure, they slip easily over the head, tie in the back and are quick to remove-simply tear away. Test data is available for you to view on-line.

  • Disposable Face Shields

FDA Registered and made in the USA!  These high quality +Dynatomy™ brand of disposable face shields are reasonably priced for single-use but can be sanitized for re-use. The cloth covered head band and 1½-inch foam pad rests comfortably on the forehead to relieve pressure and absorb perspiration. Optically clear, non-distorting 7-mil thick PET shield is 9-inches in length for increased facial protection against the transmission of infectious droplets. These Dynatomy brand shields is money well-spent!

  • Latex-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

Despite sky high prices and glove shortages, MDS can help you capture single-use type gloves! MDS has a limited amount of high-quality +Nitrile Exam Gloves available for purchase. Latex-free, powder-free and textured, many of our medical grade gloves are eco-packed in larger count dispenser boxes saving space and waste. Look for 250-count boxes - four boxes of these equates to 1 case of standard type gloves (10 boxes of 100 gloves)!


A computer keyboard is a dirty object. So is a computer mouse. In fact, studies show they can be dirtier than a toilet seat with as much as 3000 organisms per square inch. Now add the threat of an infectious pathogen that lingers on surfaces for days! To protect computer keyboards and other computer devices from particulates, aerosols, liquids, food crumbs and germs without interfering with the function or viewing of the electronic device or keyboard keys, try our popular, affordable and easy to use  +Disposable Keyboard Skins and/or +Disposable Mouse Protectors! Also popular are our +Remote Control Barrier Sleeves and +Disposable Pen Sleeves


According to the CDC, "hand hygiene is an important part of the U.S. response to the international emergence of infection". Practicing hand hygiene, which includes the use of alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol or hand washing, is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections."

Out of the Purell® brand? Check the newest instant bulk hand sanitizer. Made in Canada with USA materials by a renowned family owned glove factory rated as Canada's top 25 best managed companies, Synergy™ Gel Hand Sanitizer contains 70% USP-Grade ethanol alcohol antiseptic topical solution and is formulated for repeated use. Synergy™ hand sanitizer contains Vitamin E for extra moisture AND aloe Vera for smooth, soft, hydrated skin that translates to healthy hands and 99.9% of germs killed. SDS sheets are available for you to view on-line!  + Select your preferred size here


Comply with the CDC guidelines and guard against the unknown with Hand Sanitizing Dispensing Systems or Respiratory Hygiene Stations such as the +Cover Your Cough (CYC) Compliance Kits. Freestanding or wall mounted Cough Compliance Kits from Bowman® offer infection prevention supplies such as face masks, facial tissue and hand sanitizer to be in the right place at the right time. Place Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits in offices, school buses, libraries, classrooms, gyms, lobbies -they’re perfect for any public area and for preventing the spread of respiratory disease infection.

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