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Select the NGT1060 for Flexible Waterproof Cut Protection

TG1060  TraffiGlove® Hydric 1 Fully Coated Waterproof Cut Safety Glove with LiquiDexRED: Cut Level A1 | Warning


When you work in food processing, cement, tile, window washing, automotive detailing, commercial fishing, meat, fish and poultry processing, wet hands are just part of the job. Cold, wet hands translate to a loss in productivity and the opportunity for personal hand injury but a dexterous waterproof industrial work safety glove can be difficult to locate.

Unfortunately, the majority of protective work gloves offered today are designed for dry tasks. In an attempt to keep the hands dry and safe against cut threats, many operators often wear two different types of safety gloves.  This creates extra bulk, is more costly and consumes much time and energy when layering.

If you work in wet, cold environments and are seeking a waterproof cut safety glove, then consider this fully coated industrial work glove. The NGT1060 Glove by TraffiGlove® features a 15-gauge nylon shell fully coated in a highly flexible waterproof X-Dura nitrile palm grip coating that keeps the hands dry and provides enhanced gripping power in wet, dry and oily conditions.

Made with a heavy knit xtended cuff, the glove stays securely in place and keeps debris out and the hand heat trapped in.  And for peace of mind, the glove provides Cut Level A1 protection against minor laceration threats.

Fully coated waterproof work gloves are typically very bulky to wear making them difficult to work in. This waterproof NGT1060 glove provides the wearer with plenty of dexterity and comfort. It’s thin enough to allow workers to grasp and handle tools and just thick enough to protect against the cold. For those that require extra warmth, we suggest that you implement a thermal glove liner.

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