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There’s a New Glove Designer in Town | TraffiGlove®

The Hand Protection Specialists

We are proud to introduce an innovative industrial work glove designer to the United States - TraffiGlove®. Established in 2008 and based in the United Kingdom (UK),  TraffiGlove® is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of PPE work safety gloves and inventors of the original color-coded Traffi visual safety awareness system in hand protection.

TraffiGlove® is changing safety for the better and they offer U.S.A. customers a range of affordably priced, brightly colored general duty, water-resistant or cut safety industrial work gloves available in a variety of glove coatings/grip options.  

What's the TraffiGlove® System? | It's Safety in Colors!

Color-Coded Hand Protection Eliminates Confusion and Raises Awareness

This highly visible and innovative colored system referred to as the traffic light system is eliminating confusion about proper glove selections and is driving compliance to new elevated levels. This unique visual awareness concept most importantly sends safety reminders to operators to be careful while working!

The TraffiGlove® three color coding system is an innovative, proven and easy way to ensure your employees or colleagues are suitably protected and wearing the appropriate level of safety protection for the task in hand, at a glance or from a distance. Appreciated by safety compliance officers and employees alike, TraffiGlove® has improved safety for over 100,00 glove wearers around the world and we at MDS Associates are proud to announce that we are an authorized U.S.A. wholesale distributor for TraffiGlove®.

  • RED: | WARNING The RED gloves are lower protection and only suitable for low risk or general duty tasks such as general product handling, warehouse and assembly line work. They are avaialble in different styles and palm coatings. These would be a great choice for plant visitors.
  • AMBER: BE AWARE The AMBER gloves are good for basic to medium protection and available in a variety of styles and glove coatings. Amber gloves are ideal for construction, mechanical and electrical trades, steel fixing and handling materials with sharp edges.
  • GREEN: |  SAFE TO GO The GREEN gloves are higher protection and a great choice for tasks such as construction, demolition, steel fabrication and handling glass or sheet metal with cut edges.  They are avaialble in different styles and palm coatings. Select these gloves when dealing with unknown risks such as in waste and recycling.

The road to safety starts with the TraffiSystem and is now offered in a variety of seamless knit glove styles such as thier Classic, 3 Digit (open finger), Nitric, Centric, Thermic, Chemic, Hydric, Dynamic 5, Kinetic, Iconic and Morphic brands. TraffiGlove®  provides your company with the ultimate two in one :  A Visual Safety Awareness System proven to reduce hand injuries and one that saves company money. But don’t take our word for it, try a pair or request a sample and...

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TrafficGlove® is Where Hand Safety is Headed!

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