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TranSorb® | Marine-Grade Moisture Absorber Packs

Humidifier Pouches for Marine Cabins and Boat Storage

Patented Pouches Absorb Moisture & Prevent Mold, Mildew Growth & Rust Damage For 60+ Days TranSorb® Moisture Absorber Bags (Master Case)

When not is use, boats are often sealed shut for extended periods of time to prevent insects and rain from entering the cuddy or boat cabins. A moored vessel is surrounded by water and always exposed to weather elements. Dockside marine crafts consequently do not circulate or allow allow fresh air into cabins and like automobiles, a sealed cabin can become hotter than the outside air temperature.

Trapped air with with high humidity and temperatures causes cabin sweat and this moisture can quickly lead to mold, mildew and musty odors. If left untreated, condensation and dampness can lead to corrosive rust that can create damage beyond repair.

Before You Drive Away, Don't Forget to Dump that Moisture Collector Container!

Many boat owners visit retail marine stores to shop for a moisture absorber solution or mold preventative product and find very limited options. Popular are mini dehumidifier containers or pails filled with pellets and a reservior such as Star Brite No Damp or DampRid®. The drawback to these it that humidity moisture is converted back into water and often need to be checked, dumped or removed.

Many boat owners have discovered that after using their vessel, these mini dehumidifier containers have either ruptured or tipped creating a wet mess. The other option for marine dampness are hanging type sacks, but they are are not designed to pull vast amounts of moisture from larger areas and can be costly. Moisture sacks that can be recharged become less effective with each recharge and simply do not hold water very well. When fully saturated, they do not shut off and will ooze a syrup like substance until removed and dried.

No-Leak, No-Drip Moisture Control! Not Available in Stores!

Patented Commercial Humidifer Pouches Capture & Crystalize Moisture for Dry, Fresh Interiors

Originally designed for use within freight containers and secondary packaging to protect products against moisture damage during shipping, TranSorb® Moisture Absorber Packs use patented technologies to lower dew points and maintain ideal relative humidity that keep sealed interiors dry and free from mold, mildew and rust for up to 60+ days at 86°F and 90% humidity. The condensation absorber pouches are designed to capture and convert over 1-1/2 lbs of of moisture into non-toxic, non-caustic dry crystals that won't ever leach! Packets will always remain dry- even when pouch has reach its full product life! They travel with you and do not need to be removed or dumped before using your boat.

Simply toss bag inside the cabin, storage areas/cabinets or the head and check periodically. And the best part is they are flexible...if you need to increase the duration of days or absorption volumes, just place an equal amount of extra packs in area to be treated! Keep all unused TranSorb® desiccants air tight.

Packs Automatically Activate in the Presence of Moisture

TranSorb® is easy-to-use and highly effective. When pouch has reached maximum capacity, it will weigh approximately 2-lbs. Remove pouch, toss in trash and replace. TranSorb® is non-toxic, fragrance-free, no VOC's and made in the U.S.A. TranSorb® humidifier pouches are also ideal and commonly used during winter storage!

7" x 11" heat sealed Tyvek® and film encapsulated pouch treats 36 cubic feet (3' x 4' x 3' area). 

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