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TranSorb® Commercial Moisture Absorber/Humidifier

Preserves, Prolongs & Protects Quality from Mold, Mildew Growth & Corrosion Damage for up to 90+ Days

TranSorb Moisture Absorbing PouchesExcess moisture is one of the top air quality offenders and attacks product quality. Condensation can develop in confined environments subject to temperature changes such as automobile interiors, shipping containers, boat cabins, RV's, gun cabinets, sheds, lockers and gear bags. It can also lead to the growth of mold/mildew, foul odors and potential corrosive rust, all of which can create damages beyond repair. 

Originally designed for use within industrial shipping containers and secondary packaging to protect products against cargo sweat (condensation) damage during shipping, TranSorb® Humidity Absorber / Condensation Control Packs use patented technologies to lower dew points and maintain ideal relative humidity that keeps sealed areas dry and fresh. It captures and converts moisture into non-toxic, non-caustic dry crystals that won't ever leach.

No-Leak, No-Drip Moisture Control!

Unlike other moisture absorber products that drip when their capacity is reached or those that suck and hold water in a reservoir container, TranSorb® commercial humidifier pouches are designed to slowly absorb and encapsulate over 1-lb of excess moisture from confined areas. Packets will always remain dry- even when pouch has reach its full product life!

Humidifier Packets can be place inside confined areas such as shipping containers, product cartons or under car seats to maintain ideal relative humidity for up to 60+ days at 86ºF+ & 90% humidity! Packet won't drip or leak when fully saturated and doesn't need to be removed during transportation! To increase the duration of days or to gain absorption volumes, place an equal amount of extra packs in area to be treated! Keep all unused desiccants air tight.

Absorber Pouches Automatically Activate in the Presence of Moisture

TranSorb® desiccants are easy-to-use and highly effective. Simply toss pack in confined area to be treated and forget about it. When pouch has reached maximum capacity, it will weigh approximately 2-lbs. Remove pouch, toss in trash and replace.TranSorb® is non-toxic, fragrance-free and made in the U.S.A. It eliminates the use of cleaning chemicals, air fresheners and dangerous VOC's that degrade porous surfaces.

These 7" x 11" heat sealed Tyvek® and film encapsulated packs treat 36 cubic feet (3' x 4' x 3' area). They are available in single packs, 3-strip format and in a netted bag to use with a hang hook.

Where To Use Transorb® Moisture Control

  • Automobile/RV/Boat interiors
  • Ocean, truck, rail and air shipping containers
  • Protection of machinery, canned goods, and steel products against rust
  • Protection of food packages from moisture contamination
  • Protection of goods in warehouse storage
  • Storage containers
  • Boat Seasonal Storage
  • Classic Restorations

Why Use Transorb® Moisture Control

  • Absorbs and encapsulates large quantity of moisture
  • Lowers the dew point inside interiors and storage/shipping containers
  • Long-lasting design provides protection against mold, mildew, rust & corrosion up to +60 days
  • Easy-to-use - Simply place bags in containers
  • Durable, heat-sealed Tyvek and film construction
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic, Non-Hazardous
  • Won't Drip or Leach