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HexArmor® Yuleys® Reusable Boot CoversWhen Unwanted Dirt & Contaminates Are the Concern, Y’All Should Try Yuleys®!

Disposable shoe covers, often referred to as booties, are commonly used to prevent unwanted dirt and contaminates from entering inside residential homes or clean manufacturing areas such as pharmaceutical production or electronic assembly.

Disposable type shoe or boot covers are slipped on and over footwear before gaining access to the production areas and removed upon exiting. They are made with a lightweight fluid resistant fabric and typically have an anti-slip embossing on the bottom.

The time and energy expended during use, combined with direct and indirect costs of disposable booties, the amount of waste they produce, biodegradation times and the potentially hazardous incidents they can cause has many businesses looking for alternative boot covering options. We have just the solution!

Give Your Disposable Booties the Boot

After five years of designing, Yuleys® is a newly designed clean step system that is changing the way many work. Providing greater traction on indoor surfaces including wood, tile, and linoleum and protecting carpets, floors and walls, Yuleys® reusable slip-on boot covers are perfect for professionals who need to cover or remove footwear before entering a dwelling or environment.

Hands-Free System

Durable and long lasting, Yuleys® are made of recyclable industrial-grade thermoplastic rubber. They remain flexible at extreme temperatures and offer outstanding resistance against chemicals and abrasion. Yuleys® provide hands-free on-and-off usage, are easy, effective and quick to use! Yuleys® slip-on insoles can be cleaned or autoclaved.

Yuleys feature a pronounced slip-reducing tread bottom design and heel locking grip system. Specifically designed for steel-toed boots, they are universal fitting for all work boots/shoes. Although YULEYS® were originally designed for in-home delivery and service workers, the benefits of these reusable boot covers has since spread across many industry types including:

  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical/ Cleanroom Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Meat, Fish & Poultry Processing
  • Agriculture
  • Contractors
  • Utilities
  • Airport

Help Our Planet

Reduce effects on our landfills! Every time YULLEYS® are used, it saves on the disposal of single-use type shoe covers that take a life-time to decompose! Wearing YULEYS® on the job results in increased worker safety, reduced operational costs and an environmentally-friendly footprint. But don’t take our word for it, just hit the button and...

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