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Wipe Your Your Feet Before Entering!

Commercial Grade Mountable Polypropylene Boot ScraperFor freight haulers, delivery drivers, construction workers, waste management personnel and farmers, their trucks become an extension of their office. Very often they step in and out of their vehicle several times throughout the day dragging the outside back inside the vehicle.

Many use their cabs to make phone calls, eat lunch, fill out estimates or even use it to catch some sleep. When you take this into consideration, having a clean cab is obviously preferred, but stepping safely in and out of their vehicle and into the elements with treaded footwear very often results in a dirty interior.

Warning: Driving with Dirty Boots is Hazardous

Treaded footwear seems to attract all types of nasty and slippery stuff - the result is dirty boots packed with mud, road salt, snow, clay, pet waste, gum, asphalt, cold-patch, sand or gravel into the foot wells and cabs of commercial vehicles, any of which can cause the boot to slip while operating or getting into vehicles. Removing boots every time one enters the vehicle is unrealistic but what other options are there?

This American-Made Commercial-Grade Hand Crafted Boot Scrubber is Highly Effective and Long Lasting! 

Our commercial grade boot scrubber is a simple, affordable and an effective preventative solution for removing unwanted debris from footwear before entering commercial vehicles. This translates to a drier, cleaner boot that's in contact with control pedals and ultimately a safer operating environment.

Wood constructed shoe scrubbers will not tolerate the elements nor are they designed for rugged industrial stresses!  Our commercial-grade shoe cleaners are hand crafted in the USA with durable and long lasting materials that were selected to withstand heavy loads, harsh weather elements and chemicals for years.  

Boot Brush Product Features:

  • Dimension:  6”wide x 4-1/2” long x 2” deep
  • Black polypropylene base with two matching and removable sidewalls
  • Brush Bristles: Densely packed stiff black polypropylene bristles
  • Tufts - Base: 99 tufts (11 x 9 rows)
  • Tufts - Sidewalls:Two rows totaling 17 tufts
  • Total Tuft Count - 133

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While highly portable, the base of our boot scrubber is designed with three pre-drilled holes to allow one to mount the block to a step rail, stair tread or another suitable type base. To better remove unwanted debris from the boot sole’s easier and faster; the sidewalls incorporate downward angled bristles, but if if you don't prefer these sidewalls, simply remove the screws!

Keep work trucks, dump trucks and entrance ways cleaner and vehicle interiors in better condition! Shop for these boot scrapers now! Perfect for pickup trucks, industrial machinery, heavy construction vehicles, golf carts, hunting cabins, cottage, garages, RV’s, cleanrooms, production lines or home. And if you have a soccer player, golfer, football player, hunter, gardener, farmer, landscaper, automobile enthusiast, contractor, truck driver or baseball player in the family and grown tired of dirty floor mats and cushions, keep one of these in trunk or on the side line!  

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