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Industrial safety is defined as policies and protections put in place to ensure plant and factory worker protection from hazards risks, accidents, and near misses. Industrial safety is overseen by federal, state, and local laws and regulations. 

Safety policies put in place by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) are examples of industrial safety policies. Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) such as industrial work safety gloves, respirators,  bump caps, hard hats,  coveralls, hearing protection, and hi-viz vests are a important component to workplace safety and PPE compliance.

Industrial Work Safety Gloves

High visibility gloves are made using fluorescent materials or reflective materials to make them more visible. These work gloves are typically available in fluorescent yellow, green and orange colors and compliment hi-vis work apparel.

The ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact-Resistant Standard outlines the precise requirements for testing and labeling in order for manufacturers to be able to display the ANSI/ISEA 138 pictograms and rating on their impact-resistant work gloves. Also available are crush-resistant work gloves that feature built-in steel fingercaps referred to as PinchGuard technology and work gloves with tear-away fingers!.

Cut-Resistant Work Gloves are rated on what we call the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard. The ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Ratings are now classified by levels A1 - A9 . The gloves are tested and labeled against the ANSI Puncture Level Rating on a scale of 1-5, with a level 1 rating (<10 newtons) being the least puncture resistant and a level 5 rating  (< 150 newtons) being the most puncture resistant. In addition, different puncture-resistant gloves protect against different kinds of threats:

  • Fine Object Puncture Threat (needles)- follows the ASTM F2878 Modified Standard
  • Large Object Puncture Threat (nails) - follows the EN 388:1994 Standard:

Hi-Visibility & Speciality Safety Apparel

The equipment that is used on the job is just as important as safety procedures - choosing the correct gear can be the difference between a good day or bad or even life and death. Available is industry specific safety gear designed to protect operators against specific industrial hazards, extreme cold conditions and hot, humid weather.

Warning beacons are designed to provide instant visibility where needed, calling attention to anyone in their vicinity. The same can be said for work apparel. The ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 is the approved standard for High-Visibility Work Safety Apparel and Accessories such as safety vests, hi-viz jackets/coats and T-shirts offering garment categories of various performance classes. These classes are based on worker hazards and tasks, the complexity of the job site's background and vehicular traffic and speed.

Those who work in electrical industry careers, such as an electrician or a line worker, need special electrical safety PPE. They also need to follow strict safety guidelines, such as the NEC (National Electric Code) for safety standards on how to correctly assemble and maintain electrical circuits and the NESC (National Electric Safety Code) for provisions of safety when installing, operating, or maintaining electric currents.

Waterblasters need to practice extreme caution and follow strict procedures. The proper water safety PPE must be implemented to prevent the jet stream from striking the operator, other employees or delicate equipment. These jets of water can easily puncture and shred the skin or worse, penetrate deeper causing potential infection or serious damage.

Municipal solid waste collectors (MSW) not only have to contend with moving traffic but also contend with manual lifting and hauling of multiple garbage bags full of unseen dangers that include sharps objects such as glass, nails or hypodermic needles. For ranchers, farmers, railroad workers and utility workers located in warm climates, snakebites from dangerous rattlesnakes is a major concern. Available safety apparel includes puncture-resistant PPE such as protective gaiters, chaps or pants.

Firefighting and Emergency Rescue are among the most hazardous jobs. Firefighters and rescue teams work in varied and complex conditions that expose them to risk of on-the-job injury and death. The protective equipment they wear is critical to their personal safety.

MDS offers all of these products and more to ensure everyone's safety. Below are featured industrial safety products


+Superior Glove® Dexterity® Punkban™ Gloves                              +Ansell® AlphaTec® Chemical Jacket & Overall

+TurtleSkin® SnakeArmor Total Protection Chaps                           +Superior Glove® Endura® Oilbloc™ Driver Gloves

+TurtleSkin® MFA WaterArmor Suits                                                  +PIP® Class 2 Two-Tone Safety Vests

+PIP® HardCap™ A1+ Standard Brim Baseball Bump Caps            +PIP® Temp PPE Kits (Standard Hard Hat)

+Hellburg™ Synergy™ Radio Bluetooth® Ear Muffs                         +Dupont™ Tyvek® Coveralls w/ Hood & Elastic Cuffs

+Majestic® Glove Cut-Less Dyneema® 18-in Sleeves                    +3M™ 8210 N95 Particulate Respirators

+Impacto® Stride Ice Cleats

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