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Stop Fearing the Rattler with SnakeArmor® Lightweight Snake Protection

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Before we realize it, spring will be here marking another season of renewal.  It will bring flowers that will color the landscape and trees that will dense the woods but for outdoor enthusiasts and workers who live in warm climates, springs means an increase in activity among the American serpent known as the rattlesnake, and a greater chance of a deadly snakebite.

The greatest period of snake activity is in spring when water moccasins or cottonmouth, copperheads and the feared rattlesnake come out of hibernation seeking to eat and to breed. The breeding season lasts about 2 months but it just happens to occur during the time when humans are most active with outdoor activities such as landscaping, construction, gardening, biking, hiking, hunting and fishing.

Rattlesnakes usually see humans before humans see them and they can detect us by soil vibrations made by walking. Rattlers also have a good sense of smell and vision and when we approach their area, they instantly go into defense mode.

For those humans bitten each year, many never saw the snake until it was too late. While 1,000 people are bitten and less than a dozen people die from rattlesnake venom each year in the United States, it is a most unpleasant experience to be struck as the venom, a toxic enzyme synthesized in the snake’s venom glands, can cause massive tissue damage. Are you protected?

TurtleSkin® Patented SnakeArmor® Apparel Weighs 1/3 Less Than Other Garments

If you are venturing outdoors in rattlesnake, catcus, thorn or briar country, you should consider wearing puncture-resistant outdoor apparel for the legs. Warwick Mills Turtleskin® brand of snakebite resistant SnakeArmor® outdoor outerwear is also wind resistant, water resistant and lab certified to withstand massive diamond back rattlesnake strikes, industrial punctures and hypodermic needle stick punctures. The cost of the product covers itself with just one snake bit prevention!

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SnakeArmor® Hunting Pants

TurtleSkin® Hunting Pants have a soft 100% cotton shell with TurtleSkin® system built into the entire bottom from the knee down. Cool, flexible, comfortable and built to last, Snake Pants available in sage or khaki colors, 3 inseams, and 5 waist sizes. Also available is custom length inseams for an additional charge. +Buy SnakeArmor® Pants here

SnakeArmor® Gaiters

TurtleSkin® SnakeArmor® Gaiters are made with a sturdy, no rust zipper, this reversible waterproof gaiter is designed so you can wear either the natural camo pattern, sage or the lighter khaki. Simply zip up the back and cinch the elastic top for a snug fit. Available in short, regular or long lengths. +Buy SnakeArmor® Gaiters here

SnakeArmor® Below the Knee Chaps

The TurtleSkin® SnakeArmor® Below the Knee Chaps are made from a soft outer shell with 16 inches of TurtleSkin® protection from the knee down. Available in sage or khaki, the lightweight outer shell is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Available in 3 lengths and in regular or husky build. +Buy SnakeArmor® Chaps here

SnakeArmor® Total Protection Chaps

TurtleSkin® SnakeArmor® Total Protection Snake Chaps provide protection from your ankle up to your thigh. Available in camo, sage or khaki, the lightweight outer shell is waterproof,  windproof and breathable. Available in 3 lengths and in regular or husky build. +Buy SnakeArmor® Total Chaps here

Purchase a pair of SnakeArmor® Protective Gaiters, Chaps or Pants and hunt, hike or work in confidence and with complete freedom of movement. Don't forget to protect your loyal canine companion too with SnakeArmor® DogArmor® Hunting Safety Vests!  

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