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Production & Maintenance

Cleanrooms and pharmaceutical facilities are generally used for specialized industrial production or scientific research. Maintaining extremely low levels of particulates, (i.e. dust, airborne organisms, vaporized particles, etc.) is the goal of any certified cleanroom environment. The different classes and grades of cleanrooms refer to the standards that they are permitted to and are determined according to the number and size of particles allowed to a certain volume of air.

Standards of cleanliness are maintained in cleanrooms by controlling and eliminating possible sources of contaminants generated by people, processes and equipment. Contamination can cause materials and surfaces to become soiled which can directly affect, alter or destroy product quality.

Materials & Handling

All products and equipment used in cleanrooms are designed to generate minimal air contamination. Common products such as stationary pose a threat to the cleanroom environment if made from natural fibers; cleanroom paper, notebooks, computer forms, labels, markers, tapes, pens, and many other cleanroom specified products are specifically made for cleanroom use.

Cleanroom papers are specially processed to minimize particle, micro-organisms, and fiber generation on the surface of the paper. It also contains low extractable and metallic contents to prevent contamination of the cleanroom while retaining inks.

Other special products, such as lint-free cleanroom wipers are used for cleaning and drying surfaces to prevent cross-contamination and any furniture must be easy to clean and produce a minimal amount of particles. Desiccant packets or desiccant sheets are commonly used in the final packaging of regulated items such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical implants and nutraceuticals as a way to ensure product quality throughout the distribution chain.

Personal Protective Equipment

Anyone entering a cleanroom will also pose a risk to the environment if not properly covered and protected. When entering, most must enter through airlocks that sometimes include an air shower stage and tacky mats may be placed in the entrances to remove particulates and debris from the bottom of shoes, shoe covers, wheeled machinery and/or work carts. MDS also has the single-use disposable cleanroom apparel you need.

With the human body being one of the worst generators of contaminates, the use of personal protective equipment such as hoods, face masks, boots, coveralls and single-use or low shedding work gloves  is required. No matter what your cleanroom requirements,  cleanroom certified gloves especially serve a critical function because they make direct contact with the product and process. A variety of cleanroom gloves are available for specific cleanroom classes and uses.

  • Single-use gloves are available textured, powder-free and extended cuff styles for use in  electronics assembly, pharmaceutical manufacturing, cosmetic packaging, and optical goods.
  • Knitted or woven cleanroom gloves that contain low-shedding knit yarns and fabrics are usually used for packaging, inspection or assembling work in Class 10, 000 or more cleanrooms. Some of these gloves have special coating such as Polyurethane (PU) coated, nitrile coated, PVC dot coated etc. to provide extra grip, abrasion or puncture properties.
  • Specialty gloves are customized for a particular function within the cleanroom such as cleanroom chemical-resistant gloves, cryogenic gloves, cut-resistant cleanroom gloves, touchscreen compatible gloves, & cleanroom thermal gloves.

MDS offers all of these products and more to ensure everyone's safety and quality control.


+ PIP® CleanTeam® Nylon Gloves w/ PU Coated Palms              + Keystone® Heavy Polypropylene No Pocket Velcro Lab Coats

+ Dupont™ Proclean® 500 Protective Sleeves                                + Berkshire SatPax® 670 Sterile Wipers

+ PIP® CleanTeam® 24-in x 36-in Mats                                            + Superior Glove® TenActiv™ PU Coated ESD Carbon Gloves

+ Berkshire MicroSeal® 1200 Bulk Wipers - 12-in x 12-in              + Neenah Technical Munising LP® Paper

+ Keystone® KeyGrip™ PE Coated Boot Covers                              + Superior Touch® PU Coated Dyneema® Gloves

+ Keystone® Keyguard® Coveralls w/ Hood & Booties                + Superior Glove® Ground Hog Electro-Static Gloves

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