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Indirect Cleanroom Supplies

A cleanroom is a controlled environment where concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits. The cleanrooms are kept clean and their standard maintained by controlling and eliminating possible operator gowning in cleanroom cell holding areasources of contaminants generated by people, processes and equipment.   

To control the concentration of particles or particulates to specified limits, environments are controlled by set protocols and standards to personnel and products entering the cleanroom.  To maintain cleanliness, sources of contamination need to be identified and the product specifications must meet the cleanroom class requirements (class 10, class 100, class 10,000 etc)

Contamination causes materials and surfaces to become soiled and this can affect or destroy product quality. Identifying and controlling the sources of contamination is important and generally can be traced to indirect materials such as packaging materials, wipers, mopping supplies, stationery, tape and swabs.  

Certified Clean | Consumables

+Controlled Environment Packaging Bags

Finished or semi finished products need to be packaged before moving out of the production area.  Commonly used packaging materials include PE bags, static shielding bags and moisture barrier bags. These packaging materials are specially selected, made and packed in cleanroom to ensure that they do not contaminate the products that are being packed.

+Certified Cleanroom Wipers

Cleanroom wipers are used in the cleanroom to clean or dry products. Wiping surfaces prevents or minimizes the undesirable cross contamination and the inadvertent contamination of the second surface, also referredCertified lint-free cleanroom wipers to as contact transfer.

• Knitted/Woven Cleanroom Wipers are made from polyester or cotton materials, they are manufactured with sealed edges to prevent particles generation from the end of the yarns. Clean room wipers are washed with DIW to remove particles and ionic contents.  Polyester micro denier wipers are specially knitted wipers with high particle removal property for critical cleaning. 

• Non-Woven Cleanroom Wipers are made from poly-cellulose, rayon, cotton and other blended materials, they are typically knife-cut and usually not as clean as the polyester knitted wiper but have superior absorbency. Generally they are used in less critical applications and for the wiping of tools and equipment before entering the cleanroom.

• Sterilized Cleanroom Wipers are gamma irradiation to destroy all viable organisms that may be present on the wipers or on associated packaging. To be used in a sterile environment, production consumables, like wipers, must conform to high standards and be documented as validated sterile.

• Pre-saturated (IPA) Cleanroom Wipes are pre-mixed with certain % of IPA and DI water such that they can readily be used for wiping and cleaning. These pre-saturated wipers can be packed in canisters, pouches or individual sheets for the convenience of the end users. A cleanroom wiper, dampened with an IPA solution removes the particles which are then held in the fabric's interstices.

+Cleanroom Mops

Cleaning and mopping of cleanroom is very important for the cleanliness and maintenance of cleanroom. They can be used to clean walls, floors and ceilings. Mops used in cleanroom are usually made from micro denier, nonwovens and laundered knitted polyester wiper materials. Berkshire mopping systems generate extraordinarily low particle levels and are packaged in an ISO 4 cleanroom environment.

+Cleanroom Stationery

Cleanroom Stationery items includes cleanroom paper, notebooks, clipboards, binders, markers, tapes and pens and many others. Cleanroom papers or cleanroom stationary are specially processed paper to minimize particles, micro-organisms and fiber generation on the surface of the paper.  It also has low extractable and low metallic contents to prevent contamination of the cleanroom while retaining inks.  Cleanroom papers are used for notebooks, labels, computer forms and other paper items.

+Cleanroom Swabs

Cleanroom Swabs eliminate contamination and provide consistent cleanliness for specific applications in a wide selection of swab sizes, handles, and materials. Cleanroom Swabs provide surface cleaning, sampling validation, TOC validation, and are used for applying lubricants or other liquids within cleanroom and other controlled environments.

Suggested | Adhesive Floor Mats (Tackey Mats)

Keep Rooms Clean of Foot Born Debris Before Entering Cleanroom

Tacky floor entrance mats are ideal for keeping room clean from dust, dirt, and other particulates from spreading due to foot traffic. As foot traffic or wheels pass over the surface of the mat the non-transferring adhesive locks onto the dirt and captures it. +Click here to view our full-line of sticky mats in a variety of sizes and colors.

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