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Protect Products with MiniPax® Desiccants

MiniPax® DesiccantsCompact Drop-n-Go Moisture Absorbing Packets for Hand Packaging Applications

The presence of moisture and other volatiles in packaging can pose a critical challenge to the stability and long-term shelf life of many packaged products. Very often, small white or brown paper "DO NOT EAT" desiccant packets are placed inside sealed containers or cartons to manage excess moisture, protect and prolong product quality.  

Well, there’s a saying that big things come in little packages and MiniPax® moisture adsorbing packets are no exception. Simple, dependable and proven effective, MiniPax® desiccant packs protect sealed products susceptible to moisture damage along the distribution chain and are ideal for automatic or hand packaging operations.

Quality made in the USA, these economical MiniPax® Tyvek® sachets are compact, extremely durable, non-dusting sorbent packets which take up little space in packaging yet have high moisture adsorbing capacity that prevents mold, mildew, odor and rust. Tyvek's high water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) makes the material ideal for sorbent packets. Porosity is closely controlled during the manufacturing process to assure consistency batch after batch.

FDA and USDA Status

Formed of welded, uncoated medical grade Tyvek® for high strength, these non-lint pillow packs are virtually puncture proof to eliminate risk of leakage and product contamination making them ideal for the most rugged applications. Tyvek® material is also unaffected by water or moisture and are as strong wet, as they are dry.

MiniPax® are supported by a Type III Drug Master File, use 21 CFR-compliant materials and are suitable for use in all regulated product packaging. They are popular for protecting:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Medical diagnostic kits
  • Electronic equipment
  • Optical instruments
  • Food/Food packaging

Preserves and Prolongs Product Quality Easily!

MiniPax® is designed to give you a superior, cost-effective sorbent packet for your packaging requirements. Permeable to odors and gases, a MiniPax® packet containing an appropriate sorbent blend can be used for both odor and moisture protection. Silica gel is the most commonly used desiccant and is relatively cheap with good moisture adsorption, but silica gels performance drops off above 80°F and it won't start releasing moisture until about 250°F.  Molecular sieve is a very aggressive desiccant that can keep humidity very low but it does not give up its moisture except in extreme conditions of temperature.

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MiniPax® packets are offered with a variety of sorbent blends and sizes to meet specific packaging needs (contact MDS for other sizes not listed) but offered below are our most popular styles:

Shop here for #100-0200039AG109 MiniPax® 2-gram Silica Gel Packets

Shop here for #100-0200040AG104 MiniPax® 1-gram Blue Indicating Silica Gel Packets

Shop here for #100-0200041AG104 MiniPax® 1-gram Molecular Sieve Packets


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