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Protect Packages with Pillow Pak Moisture Absorbing Packets

Desiccants For Those That Demand the Best!

There’s a saying that big things come in little packages and Pillow Pak moisture adsorbing packets are no exception. Unlike cheaper alternatives these sorbent bagsPillow Pak Sorbent Packets continue to prove themselves as a ‘best in class’ moisture absorber product.

Simple, dependable and proven effective, Pillow Pak desiccants protect sealed containers/products susceptible to moisture damage along the distribution chain and are ideal for both automatic, contracted or hand packaging operations.

Pillow Pak moisture absorbers  are compact, extremely durable, non-dusting sorbent packets which take up little space in packaging yet have high moisture adsorbing capacity.

Pillow Pak packets are offered with a variety of sorbent blends and sizes (0.25 grams to 14 grams)  to meet specific packaging needs for a wide variety of packaging applications.


  • High Strength: Pillow Pak packets are formed of welded, uncoated, pharmaceutical-grade Tyvek®, an extremely tough and durable sheet of spunbonded HDPE fibers only available from Dupont. Pillow Pak has very high tear strength in all directions and is virtually puncture-proof to eliminate any risk of leakage and product contamination.  Pillow Pak is as strong wet as it is dry. It will not rot or mildew.
  • Controlled Porosity | High WVTR:  A high water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) make the material ideal for Pillow Pak sorbent packets. Porosity of the outer barrier envelope is closely controlled during the manufacturing process in an ISO Certified facility to assure consistency batch after batch.
  • Non-Dusting | Non-Linting:  The dense packing of the fine Tyvek®  fibers forms a tight barrier to particulate matter and prevents sorbent dusting. Pillow Pak drop-n-go packets have a stable, abrasion resistant surface and are non-linting.
  • Odor & Moisture Adsorption: Pillow Pak is permeable to odors and gases
  • FDA & USDA Status:  The pharma grade Tyvek® used in Pillow Pak construction is chemically inert, non-dusting and can be used in food packaging applications and are suitable for use in all regulated product packaging. (Indicating Silica gel is not for use with food or pharmaceutical packaging).

Pillow Pak Sorbent PacketsBelow are some applications:



-Cannabis Packaging

-Specimen Testing

-In-Vitro Diagnostics

-Medical Diagnostic Kits

-Electronic Equipment

-Optical Instruments

-Food Packaging

-Military and Commercial Air and Marine Vessels


  • Compact:  The low profile and compact shape of Pillow Pak saves space and displaces a minimum amount of product. Its flat contour design eliminates any potential confusion with capsule or a pill.
  • Maximum Surface Exposure: The exceptionally narrow seal skirt on only two ends gives packets an unusually large adsorptive surface area for its overall size
  • Integral Window: An integral transparent strip permits easy monitoring of the contained adsorbent and allows effective use of indicating desiccants to show when moisture has been adsorbed and when desiccant should be replaced.


Pillow Pak moisture absorbers are produced with a choice of sorbents and sizes to meet your requirements.

Silica Gel  Features:

  • Typically used in food and pharmaceutical applications
  • High Crush strength and high porosity
  • Remains dry and free flowing even when saturated
  • Chemically inert, non-corrosive and non-toxic

Indicating Silica Gel Features:

  • Color changes from blue to pink to indicate moisture content
  • Similar features as silica gel above
  • Indicating silica gel is not intended for food or pharmaceutical packaging

Molecular Sieve Features:

  • Uniform adsorption pore size makes it an excellent getter for water
  • Added capacity to adsorb organic odor causing molecules

Clay (Montmorillonite) Features:

  • Produced by the controlled drying of montmorillonite, a naturally occurring mineral
  • Essentially non-swelling
  • Can both take on and give up moisture without deterioration

Activated Carbon Features:

  • Foremost getter for organic molecules and sulfur-bearing compounds
  • Primary application is color or odor removal

Moisture/Odor Blends Features:

  • Mixtures of clay or silica gel with activated carbon on a 50/50 or 60/40 ratio
  • Provides both desiccating and odor gathering properties in a single packet

Pillow Pak Sorbent Packs are part of a full line of sorbent products that solve your moisture and odor packaging problems. Contact us today with your requirements. Protect your brand or specimen during shipping and storage now...

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