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Conventional Synthetic Desiccants Contribute to Micro-Plastic

Toxic Micro-Plastics are Overtaking our Planet and Our Bodies! These Biodegardable Desiccants Reduce Landfill Pollution and Eliminate Plastics From the Global Supply Chain.


Large volumes of plastic enter the environment every year resulting as persistent mismanaged waste. Plastic pollution is perhaps the most pressing and critical environmental issue facing the planet. It is an environmental, wildlife, climate, humanBull Dozer Moving Landfill health and social justice issue that impacts everything including the water we drink and much of the foods we consume.


Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in the Earth's environment that adversely affects humans, wildlife and their habitat. 

Plastic products include every day, single-use items such as bottles, razors, toothbrushes, pill bottles, food wrappings, cups, deli containers, bags, microbeads used in cosmetics and moisture absorber packets known as desiccants.  While individual desiccant sachets may be small in size, the cumulative quantity of plastic packaging material is adding up very quickly.


The chemical structure of most plastics renders them resistant to many natural processes of degradation referred to as oxo-degradable. Oxo-degradable plastic products do not biodegrade. Instead it slowly breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and eventually into fine toxic microplastics resulting in particles smaller than five millimeters in size. These fragments remain in the environment where it eventually makes its way into the food chain.

Environmental concern has led to new efforts and innovations in product development concentrated on developing sustainable alternatives in mold and moisture management within packaged goods traveling along supply chains.

Don’t Contribute to the Problem-Be Part of the Sustainable Solution

You can eliminate a significant amount of plastic at no extra cost by replacing silica gel and calcium chloride desiccants with plastic-free biodegradable desiccants such as Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® Kraft packets

Made with all-natural bentonite clay packaged in a sustainable Kraft paper, these bleach-free, plastic-free and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified biodegradable (per ASTM D5511 and ISO 15985) Micro-Pak® desiccant packs meet US FDA requirements for contact with food and pharmaceuticals and offer the best possible protection to any product—especially those sensitive to moisture like textiles, home furnishings, wood, paper, electronic appliances, medical devices, metal components and many others.Micro-Pak Dri Clay Kraft Portfolio

Regulatory Compliance:

  • REACH Exempt and passes all Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) tests
  • EPA compliant
  • US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements for contact with food and drugs
  • CHCC Washington and Oregon
*Certificates and test reports are available on request

Proven to Out Perform Synthetic Desiccants

Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® is the most sustainable and effective desiccant on the market, defending your goods from moisture and extending shelf life. Dri Clay® sustainable moisture absorber packets are proven to reduce humidity faster and to lower levels than silica gel and calcium chloride. In addition, the production processes require zero chemical inputs or additives, as well as low energy and low water consumption resulting in a small carbon footprint. 

Micro-Pak Dri Clay® desiccant packets are environmentally responsible, non-toxic, can be safely disposed in landfill where clay is returned to the earth in its natural state. Featuring water-based inks and adhesives, Dri Clay® does not release harmful or toxic chemicals into the soil nor does it contaminate water systems.

There is no risk of leakage—unlike other desiccants, the top-grade clay never changes size, shape, or texture, even when at full absorption capacity. The sachet is hard to tear, dust-free, has good breathability and does not contain binders or solvents.

Made with less packaging materials than other common desiccants, Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® is also available in five sizes to fit your packaging, allowing you to eliminate moisture economically.


If you do the math, you’ll realize those pennies you save purchasing cheap plastic alternatives really doesn’t equate to big money, but it is equating to massive damage to ourselves, our our environment, animals and the Planet and consumers know this.  Don’t contribute to the problem but rather be a part of the solution. Show your customers you care about the environment while enhancing your brand along the distribution chain.  Appreciated by consumers, try these high-performing Dri Clay® biodegradable desiccant packets today. All you need to do is tap the link and ...

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