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Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft Biodegradable Clay Desiccant Packets
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Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® Kraft Biodegradable Desiccants, 33 Gram (1 Unit) (400ct) *

Product Code : 100-MPDC-33G


All Natural, Plastic-Free & Biodegradable Desiccant Reduces Microplastic Pollution

If you employ Tyvek® silica gel or calcium chloride desiccants into your packaging to protect moisture-sensitive products against deterioration, mold or corrosion along the suppy chain, then you're unfortunately creating pollution and litter. Conventional industrial desiccants are disposed into landfill by the millions where they remain indefinitely and result in toxic micro-plastic - a serious environmental problem that affects the health of humans and animals.

Packaging engineers should note that studies show a growing segment of today's consumers are expecting sustainable products and packaging where ever possible. You can easily strengthen your brand and protect valuable products longer while preserving the planet by converting to Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® all natural, plastic-free biodegradable desiccants.

Made with all natural bentonite clay that is packaged in a sustainable FSC-certified Kraft paper, these  EPA & RoHS Compliant, REACH Exempt, DMF free biodegradable desiccant packs from Micro-Pak® meet USA FDA requirements for contact with food and pharmaceuticals and offer the best possible protection to any product—especially those sensitive to moisture like textiles, home furnishings, wood, paper, electronic appliances, medical devices, metal components and many others.

Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® offers you several other important benefits:

  • Outperforms silica gel and calicum chloride desiccants - removes moisture significantly faster and to lower levels
  • Third party validated biodegradable per ASTM D5511/ISO 15985 - 90% decomposition within 30 days
  • No leakage – even after it reaches the maximum absorption capacity, the bentonite clay pouch will not break and leak
  • Environmentally friendly – bentonite clay is a safe, natural and sustainable material
  • Low energy, zero water and zero chemical production process
  • Regulatory compliant – Micro-Pak Dri Clay complies with various international standards and regulation
  • Simple and efficient to use – just place the pouch inside the packaging
  • Cost effective – the bentonite clay pouches are one of the most economic desiccant products on the market
  • 33 gram Micro-Pak - 80MM x 100MM

These Dri Clay® sustainable moisture absorber packets outperform silica gel and calcium chloride desiccants. Its production process requires zero chemical inputs or additives, as well as low energy and low water consumption resulting in a small carbon footprint.  Dri Clay® desiccant packets reduce humidity faster and to lower levels than silica gel and calcium chloride. 

Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® is also environmentally responsible, non-toxic, can be safely disposed in landfill and will not release harmful or toxic chemicals into the soil nor will it contaminate water systems. There is no risk of leakage—unlike other desiccants, the top-grade clay never changes size, shape, or texture, even when at full absorption capacity. The sachet is hard to tear, dust-free, has good breathability and does not contain binders or solvents. Manufacturing standards: ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 / MIL-D-3466E

33 gram weight (1 Unit) can be used with individual or bulk packed items

*Certificates and test reports available on request

Please note: Actual shipping costs apply for all Micro-Pak products.

Manf: Micro-Pak® LTD
Packed: 200 per pouch, 2 pouches per case (400)

+click for PDF Dri Clay® Kraft Brochure here

+click for PDF Dri Clay® Kraft Fact Sheet here

+click for PDF Dri Clay®  Kraft Guideline here

+click for PDF Dri Clay® Environmental & Sustainability Highlights here

+click for PDF Dri Clay® vs Silica Gel Environmental Impact Summary here

+click for PDF Dri Clay® Kraft vs Silica Gel Impact & Sustainability Comparison here

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