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MICRO-PAK® LTD Mold & Moisture Protection Products


Producing and shipping quality products on time is a challenge in any industry. The last thing you want to have happen is that the goods arrive at destination covered with mold. How could such a thing happen? Who is responsible for this? Why did it happen and most importantly how can you avoid this in the Mold Sporesfuture? At Micro-Pak® these are the issues they deal with every day. Below is a brief introduction as to how you and other suppliers can avoid mold and moisture issues during shipping and packaging.


First it is important to understand that mold and moisture are linked. Mold spores are everywhere but mold needs moisture to grow. Sometimes the ambient humidity is sufficient for mold growth and other times there are outside issues. In any case, to ensure that your goods arrive as intended it is important to deal with both mold and moisture.


Mold is a natural and important part of the environment. Without mold the process of decomposition and regeneration would come to a halt (or be radically different). That being said we need to control the level of mold in our work areas and ultimately on our products. There is no “magic bullet” in preventing mold and the mold prevention process is a series of steps.


To control mold in factories there needs to be an organized program for maintaining cleanliness of buildings, proper storage and checking of materials, a review of manufacturing processes as well as checking how finished goods are stored before shipment.

Different industries (i.e. garments, pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals, footwear, bags, toys, pet food manufacturing, sensitive electronics, etc) all have their special characteristics and at Micro-Pak® they have developed specialized assessment protocols for each particular process.

Likewise moisture controlMicro-Pak Mold and Moisture Prevention in the manufacturing process is also dependent on the articles being produced. Is water used in manufacturing? Are adhesives a key part of the process? Are components kiln dried?

There is no one size fits all approach which is why at Micro-Pak® they focus on the product to determine the most practical and low cost approach. Once the item is loaded into the container it will undergo considerable changes in humidity as the vessel makes its way to the final destination. This part of the supply chain is therefore particularly important.


The produced item should be packed with an anti-microbial such as Micro-Pak® stickers or Micro-Pak® PE sheets which will react to the higher humidity and create an atmosphere that will actively eliminate mold spores. An alternative approach is to use an all-natural, non-toxic biodegradable desiccant such as Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft that feature bentonite clay designed to lower the humidity or moisture level inside the package so to prevent the growth of mold spores. And if you shipping cartons across the country or ocean, MPCD ECO Hanging Container Desiccant Strips feature 100% recycled materials and absorb 300% of its own weight at 90% relative humidity


As part of the mold prevention process it is essential to utilize proper technical equipment when identifying problem areas in the manufacturing process or the item produced. At Micro-Pak®, technicians use specialized moisture meters, digital hygrometers, UV tunnel measuring devices and a variety of other analytical tools. The Micro-Pak® technicians take samples during their visits that are then analyzed by trained microbiologists in their own lab facilities for any signs of mold. Their online Factory Portal enables them to analyze problems found in the more than 3,000 factory assessments which they conduct annually.  This database allows them to focus on the most frequently occurring problems and assist suppliers in fixing these points before they encounter a mold issue.

Factors such as factory organization, production control, technical analysis combined with the use of anti-microbials or desiccants are all essential steps in mold prevention. When it comes to protecting your brand, replace those Tyvek® packets that last for centuries in landfill and select Micro-Pak® products to protect yours! All you need to do is tap the link and ...

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