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Stickers That Prevent Mold from Factory to Retail

Every Business That Sells a Product Should Be Concerned About Mold

Almost every retailer in the world faces a frustrating, four-letter problem and the worst thing they can do is ignore it. The problem - mold — and it’s a thorn in the retail industry. It’s an issue that affects every brand, and it can make the most in-demand fashion piece completely worthless.


One of the biggest problems with mold is that it’s everywhere: There are literally tens of thousands of types of mA close up image of moldold, and it doesn’t take much besides a moist environment and a food source — like textile, paper, or leather — for it to thrive and take over. In fact,  microscopic mold spores exist everywhere including the air.

This means that a mold problem can happen at any time during production, storage and shipment as long as the conditions are favorable to mold growth and your products are not adequately protected.

If your company manufactures containers full of shoes, garments, handbags, or other consumer goods, consider the havoc that mold can wreak on your business.

If mold spores make their way onto your products, into the shipping containers and ultimately into the stores, you’re in for a financial and logistical nightmare. You’ll have to spend a fortune on recalling, inspecting, and cleaning your products — and even more to rebuild your brand reputation.

An "Invisible” Solution to Mold

A gentlemen named Martin Berman  spent the several decades trying to help retailers understand the massive consequences of mold and how they should avoid it all costs. After working for various companies across Asia for more than twenty years, he established Micro-Pak LTD® in 1998 when he noticed that mold kept cropping up on handbags, shoes, and other consumer goods as retailers and factory owners simply didn’t have the time or resources to check every product.

Anti-Microbial Stickers

On the surface, Micro-Pak’s first product is extremely simple: an +Micro-Pak® Antimicrobial Sticker that can be placed inside Antimicrobial PE sheets and stickers in usebox-packed items such as a shoebox. The science behind it, however, is more complicated. Small but powerful, the product is designed so that a certain level of humidity activates the sticker and causes it to create and release an anti-microbial atmosphere that eliminates mold spores.

  • Anti-Microbial – Actively eliminates mold
  • Safe – EPA registered. BPR & REACH compliant
  • For Box-Packed Items

Since the risk of mold can vary greatly from the time a product is manufactured to when it arrives in the stores, the stickers provide protection against mold when it’s needed the most.

The stickers are designed to be better than silica gel bags, which often fall out of boxes, require warning labels, and aren’t always effective at keeping mold away. Unlike silica gel desiccant packs, Micro-Pak’s paper-thin adhesive stickers aren’t intrusive; they blend right into the box. Most consumers don’t even notice them — and that’s the point.

Anti-Microbial PE Sheets

Versatile, simple and powerful, Micro-Pak® PE Sheets can be used together with your polybag-packed goods. Ideal for consumer items of all sizes—from handbags and equipment to furniture and footwear. Available in three popular iszes:

These anti-microbial PE sheets will eliminate mold spore growth as soon as relative humidity begins to near unsafe levels. They are designed to work faster in high humidity and slower in low humidity conditions. This unique humidity-based activation ensures your goods are fully protected from the threat of mold growth for extended periods of time.

  • Anti-Microbial – Actively eliminates mold
  • Safe – EPA registered. BPR & REACH compliant
  • For Polybag-Packed Items

Micro-Pak's Global Success

Tackling mold prevention in such a discreet way is just one of the reasons Micro-Pak® is now the leading supplier of antimicrobial products in the consumer goods industry. Micro-Pak’s products can be found in stores in more than 50 countries around the world, including top US brands like Wal-Mart, Columbia Sportswear, Target, and Kohl’s, as well as major retailers in Europe.

While it started off with stickers, the company has since expanded to other mold and moisture-related products. These include sheets for handbags and garments, as well as container desiccants, which are hung in shipping containers to remove excess moisture from the air and keep products dry during transport.

Unfortunately, mold is an essential part of the environment. Micro-Pak® products are designed to control mold so you don't have it growing on your shoes, your garments, or any product that you have in your home. Prevention is simple - all you need to do is tap the link below and ...

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