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Tyvek-Free® Eco-Friendly Cargo Container Desiccant Protects Goods & Planet

Micro-Pak® MPCD ECO® Advanced Container Desiccant Protects Cargo from Moisture Damage During Ocean Shipments at the Lowest Cost to You and the Planet!

Supply chains are being severely disrupted by congestion at some of the world’s largest shipping ports resulting in inventories idle in containers for extended periods of time. Delays in transit exposes packaged goods witShip with cargo shipping containershin the shipping container to variations in temperature and humidity levels which ultimately increase the risk for mold or corrosion damage caused by condensation (referred to as container sweat or rain) that typically leads to malfunction and/or total loss.

An affordable method of anti-moisture protection is to place container desiccants throughout cargo shipping containers. Designed to regulate airborne moisture as products travel along supply chains, commercial desiccants maintain a dry environment and keep products pristine but it seems there’s an environmental drawback to the use of these.


From shoe boxes to electronics, desiccants have become so abundant that society doesn’t give a second thought to how they’re made or what happens after they are disposed.


While they’re seemingly harmless, the cumulative quantity of plastic packaging material is filling landfills and increasing plastic pollution all across the country forcing some sustainability managers to review their active or secondary packaging operations.

The chemical structure of conventional desiccant packaging renders them resistant to many natural processes of degradation referred to as Oxo-degradable. Oxo-degradable plastic products do not biodegrade but rather slowly break down into smaller pieces and eventually into micro-plastic particles. These toxic fragments remain in the environment where it eventually makes its way into the food chain and ultimately the human body.


Environmental concern has led to new efforts and innovations in product development concentrated on sustainable alternatives in mold and moisture management within packaged goods traveling along lengthy global supply chains. Complimenting a portfolio of biodegradable Kraft desiccant packets and antimicrobial active packaging solutions, these Micro-Pak® MPCD ECO® Container Desiccants are an Eco-friendly, non-toxic and economical solution for maximum moisture protection for your cargo at the lowest cost to you, and the planet!


MPCD ECO® advanced cargo container desiccants aggressively remove moisture from the air inside cargo shipping containers absorbing up to 300% of its own weight at 90% relative humidity and 40°C an to prevent condensation and protect products from all forms of moisture related damage during transit shipment and storage such as:

  • Short circuits in electronics
  • The growth of mold or mildew
  • Corrosion and rust on metals
  • Spoiled food items
  • Peeling and warping
  • Chemical degradation
  • Weak cartons
  • Deteriorated packaging
  • Clumped or caked powders

ECO-FRIENDLYMPCD ECO Container Desiccant

The MPCD ECO® Cargo Container Desiccant is made from 100% recycled materials for the non-woven pouch sleeve, PE hook and LDPE master polybag and its active packaging has an innovative compact design reduces material usage by 27% compared to other container desiccants.

  • 100% recycled non-woven sleeve, PE hook and LDPE master polybag
  • 27% less packaging material than comparative products
  • Use less inside each container because it outperforms other desiccants


Made with the highest quality ingredients, MPCD ECO® sustainable cargo desiccant can absorb 2X more moisture than comparative desiccants so you can use fewer pieces in each container – reducing costs, freight fees, storage fees, waste and environmental impact - while providing superior and long-lasting moisture protection to your valuable cargo.


Packaged 24 hanging strips of 5 x 100 gram Eco-packs per carton, Micro-Pak’s optimized packing reduces freight costs. Each strip measures 34-in (L) x 6.69-in (W) x 0.787-in (D), and can fit easily into the container grooves. The hook design ensures the strips are secure throughout the shipment.

Container Size                   Quantity

20’                                       4 pieces

40’                                       6 pieces

40’ HQ                                 7 pieces

45’                                       8 pieces


The packaging is leak-proof and the desiccant will not come into contact with the cargo. Micro-Pak® MPCD ECO® container desiccants are made of a high purity deliquescent salt combined with a scientifically modified starch. This advanced formula maximizes absorptive capacity and aggressively traps and binds moisture as a thick, no-spill gel for up to 90 days or until full saturation. Micro-Pak® MPCD ECO® container desiccants are safe, non-toxic, can be safely disposed with regular waste and are fully compliant with REACH and a wide range of international regulations.

Since moisture itself is responsible for most forms of product and packaging degradation, it’s essential to keep that moisture at moderate levels while product is being transported. Use these Eco-friendly MPCD ECO® cargo container moisture absorbers within rail cars, trailers or intermodal cargo containers and secondary packaging for the shipping and storing of textiles, electronics, chemicals, spices, flour, cocoa, coffee, nuts, rice, grains, sugar, canned goods, fire arms, food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, metal parts/cans, industrial parts, lumber, equipment, tools, steel pails and much more! Micro-Pak® MPCD ECO® container desiccants are both Eco-friendly and economical, offering you maximum moisture protection at the lowest cost to you and the planet. But don't take our word for it, just tap the link and ....

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