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Warwick Mills TurtleSkin® Safety Products

World-Class Innovation | Outstanding Personal Protection

MDS Associates is an authorized wholesale distributor for Warwick Mills patented  TurtleSkin® Safety Products.TurtleSkin Warwick Mills specializes in the research and development of new flexible composites for advanced safety solutions to the most challenging applications and environments, including chemical and biological protection, ballistic, puncture and stab protection as well as aerospace materials.

ISO 9001-2000 certified, they have a historical accountability for the development and integration of complex fiber composites for the most challenging industrial applications and have built a culture of trust for personal safety while on the job.

TurtleSkin® Personal Protective Equipment Products

TurtleSkin® protective materials provide high performance and patented industrial protection in specialty fabrics engineered for personal and occupational safety. Warwick's commitment to life-safety products results in the research and development of new fiber composites for the most challenging safety applications.

From ballistics, law enforcement, hunting and ultra high-pressure water protection to stab, cut, and needlestick prevention hand protection,  lightweight TurtleSkin® products offer personal protection without sacrificing your dexterity and comfort. Holding the patent for the tightest weave ever achieved using aramid materials, the result is superior protection from cuts and hypodermic needles.

TurtleSkin® Industrial Safety Gloves & Sleeves

Puncture, Cut and Needle-Stick Resistant Hand Protection

While cut-resistant gloves have been available for many years, they were unable to also provide good puncture protection. Patented TurtleSkin® Safety Gloves offer both cut and puncture protection from hazardous objects such as nails, wire, glass fragments, metal shards, wood splinters, and needles. TurtleSkin® Safety Gloves combine the protection that you need with the comfort and flexibility that you want.

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TurtleSkin® SnakeArmor® Protective Upland Hunting Clothing

Snake Bite and Thorn Resistant Safety Clothing

TurtleSkin® patented SnakeArmor® full-length chaps, below-the-knee chaps, hunting pants, and reversible camouflage gaiters prevent snake bites and protect against the worst thorns and briars. The patented 6-oz. fabric is one third the weight of other hunting garments yet strong enough to repel even the bites of large venomous rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths. This fabric was developed to be lightweight and flexible so hunters can easily adapt SnakeArmor® to meet the challenges of protection and wearability across all hunting seasons.

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TurtleSkin® DogArmor Hunting Vest & Neck Protection

Canine Snake Bite and Thorn Resistant Chest Protection

TurtleSkin's newest products featuring SnakeArmor technology are the DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest and Neck Piece. These products are designed to provide snakebite protection for canines against venomous snakes. DogArmor products also protect dogs from injuries or irritation caused by sticks/brush when hunting in heavily wooded areas and will hold up for many hunting seasons.

The new dog vest is available in blaze orange for those looking for a dog hunting vest during hunting season, but also comes in khaki, sage, and camo options. The DogArmor Neck Piece is a perfect add on to the dog vest for snakebite protection in the dog's vital areas and a great extra protection against brush and sticks when upland hunting.

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TurtleSkin® MFA WaterArmor

Metal Flex Armor (MFA) WaterArmor PPE Suit for Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Designed to safeguard water jet operators from injuries caused by an accidental UHP water jet swipe, TurtleSkin® MFA WaterArmor provides protection at high pressure levels of 40,000psi flowing at 5.5gpm with a swipe speed of 1.6 feet/second.  The new MFA technology, was originally designed for law enforcement use in stab protection, it provides a substantial increase in UHP protection levels without any additional weight or bulk.

Composed of lightweight, hinged panels, MFA WaterArmor reduces fatigue and increases operator mobility. The component suit system is comprised of gaiters, chaps, gauntlets and a torso panel. The ventilated open back design reduces incidents of heat exhaustion and increases operator productivity. The system is designed for easy repair of damaged parts on-site, thus eliminating the need to purchase new components and minimizing down time.

TurtleSkin® Coolgear & Coverall WaterArmor

Protective Water Jetting Equipment

Protection up to 2800 bar or 40,000 psi, WaterArmor personal protective water jetting equipment offers increased protection to ultra-high pressure water jet operators at all pressures at specified flow rates. WaterArmor's CoverAll is a two piece suit with full protection for hydroblasting over the entire front of the suit.  The WaterArmor Coolgear modular component system is designed with multiple panels that can be replaced individually. The Coolgear protective Gaiters, Suits, and Gauntlets are each sold separately.

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