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Turtleskin® Glove Safety Products

Patented Life Safety Products in Accidential Workplace Needlestick Prevention

For operators who work with hypodermic needles, nails, cables, wires, glass TURTLESKIN PLATINUM WRAP SAFETY GLOVESfragments, metal shards and wood splinters, protection against cuts and punctures is crucial to personal hand safety.

Turtleskin® Safety Gloves  provide the highest level of puncture, stab, and needle protection in a lightweight, ultra flexible fabric less than the thickness of three sheets of paper engineered for personal and occupational safety and performance.


A Warwick Mills creation, TurtleSkin® brand is a family of patented materials woven in the USA with high-strength fibers engineered to be very thin yet very protective.

Using aramid materials, Turtleskin® holds the patent for the tightest weave ever achieved resulting in superior protection without sacrificing dexterity and comfort. TurtleSkin’s patented weave interlocks aramid fibers so tightly they won’t shift or leave gaps for needles and fine penetrators to slide past and has many varied uses, from puncture-resistant SnakeArmor® hunting clothing and DogArmor safety vests to WaterArmor® PPE  for UHP Waterjet Operators.

Turtleskin® Safety Gloves are available in different fabrics, styles and are commonly used in:

  • Police/Law Enforcement/Military/Security
  • Clinical Waste/Hospital Laundry
  • Recycling/Waste Management
  • General Janitorial
  • Animal/Reptile Handling
  • Bottling
  • Property Maintenance
  • Timer/Lumber Industries
  • Utilities
  • Transport Companies

TurtleSkin® Puncture Tests

The extra large puncture probe used for CE certification (European mechanical test EN388) relates to larger threats (nails, barbed wire) but is not effective in determining high-risk threats like glass slivers, metal shards, or needlesticks. Hypodermic needles bend easily and are difficult to test. As a result, no standardized needle puncture tests exist. To demonstrate the needlestick protection of TurtleSkin® Safety Gloves, Warwick Mills modified EN388 by using a 0.05 inch (1.27 mm) hardened steel probe that offers consistent, repeatable results, while also providing a fine tip similar to those found on many sharp objects.

Laboratory Tested and Certified

To ensure high levels of performance and consistency, Warwick MIlls is ISO-9001:2008 certified and performs extensive lab testing on its products on their on-site lab which supports both product development and production certification. They also participate in independent testing, such as Europe's CE Marking and US NIJ specifications for law enforcement and corrections applications.


Protection Level 1:
10-35 ounce force
  TurtleSkin Insider
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage Natural
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage Natural Plus
  TurtleSkin Aramid
  TurtleSkin Cotton
  TurtleSkin SafeHandler

Protection Level 2:
35-70 ounce force
  TurtleSkin Insider Plus
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage 100% Aramid
  TurtleSkin FullCoverage 100% Aramid Plus
  TurtleSkin Aramid Plus
  TurtleSkin Cotton Plus
  TurtleSkin SafeHandler Plus

Protection Level 3:
70-100 ounce force
  TurtleSkin WorkWear
  TurtleSkin WorkWear Plus
  TurtleSkin Utility
  TurtleSkin SevereGear

Protection Level 4:
100+ ounce force
  TurtleSkin Sleeve
  TurtleSkin Sleeve Plus

Popular TurtleSkin® Glove Safety Products

TurtleSkin® CP Neon Insider GlovesTurtleSkin® CP Neon Insider Gloves

Available in different levels, the +CP Neon Insider Gloves are a feather light, flexible glove that provides great levels of puncture protection from sharp metal, glass while maintaining dexterity to perform tasks. Perfect for small parts handling, CP Insider gloves are also thin enough to be worn as a liner under traditional or disposable gloves to protect the hands from unexpected threats.  

Made out of bonded, patented TurtleSkin® fabric, these CP Neon gloves also protect your hand from cuts, tears and abrasions. CP Neon is a comprehensive general safety glove line that offers different levels of puncture and cut protection. Choose between CP Neon 300, 400 or 500 - comes in a variety of comtemporary neon colors: volcanic orange, electric blue, radiant green, violet, sunny yellow and many more.

TurtleSkin® Utility Gloves

Durable sport style leather-backed +Utility Gloves provide combine excellent protection with superior dexterity. PalmMaster™ material provides the highest levels of protection in high-risk areas such as the fingertips and palms.  Features a mesh liner and an adjustable Velcro® closure on back of wrist for a secure fit.  

Turtleskin® Utility Gloves will soften with wear but will not fail to provide cut and puncture protection and are well suited for protection from needles and other fine penetrators.  Withstands 28g needle at 4.9 Newtons (1.1 lbf). Suggested applications include sharps disposal, law enforcement, custodial, prison service, wire and cable handling, utility workers and janitorial.

TurtleSkin® WorkWear Gloves

WorkWear Gloves are specially designed for tasks that require great grip, dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and superb cut and puncture resistance. These +WorkWear leather gloves have a stretch-knit backing, a Velcro closure at the wrist for an ultra-comfortable and secure fit and a palm lined aramid lining for enhanced cut and puncture protection.  Withstands 28g needle at 2.7 Newtons (0.6 lbf). Suggested applications include glass or metal handling, mechanics, laundry services, custodial, janitorial.

TurtleSkin® FullCoverage Aramid Gloves

FullCoverage gloves  provide cut and puncture protection with heat resistance for the entire hand. These full sewn gloves are made with 100% Aramid TurtleSkin® material with primer coating and featuring a 4” cuff and elastic wrist band. These +FullCoverage gloves can also be used as a liner to boost the protection of an outer glove. Suggested applications include veterinarian/animal handling, sharps disposal, lab research, lumber/veneer manufacturing, first aid, casualty handling, biological and chemical spillage clean up and BioLabs.

TurtleSkin® SafeHandler Gloves

Available in two versions, rugged +SafeHandler gloves feature an aramid string knit with dual-side gripper PVC Dots and palm-side TurtleSkin® layer for advanced protection from punctures and cuts. Gloves may be reversed to orient TurtleSkin® on back of hand. Suggested applications include glass handling, sheet metal, light industrial, warehousing, waste management, sharps manufacturing, waste disposal and plastics fabrication.

TurtleSkin® CP Secure Gloves

These +CP Secure Gloves are available in different versions and offer patented protection to the entire hand including the sides of the hand from hypodermic needles, splinters, sharp wire, and so much more and perform great for medical waste handling, lumber handling, poultry inoculations, and applications for handling small animals. Constructed of leather, they feature TurtleSkin’s CP material and a gauntlet cuff for enhanced wrist protection. Available in three level of protection, these gloves are ideal for work requiring extended coverage, high protection levels and durability.

TurtleSkin® protective materials provide high performance and patented protection in specialty fabrics engineered for personal and occupational safety resulting in superior protection from cuts and hypodermic needles. Contact MDS for TurtleSkin® Gloves not listed, to place an order or for non-published volume discounts today or visit MDSassociates.com and...

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