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The Evolution® of Head Protection

PIP® Series of JSP® Evolution® Hard Hats

A hard hat is a type of safety helmet made of rigid material (such as metal or fiberglass) and worn by construction workers or plant visitors. Hard hats are predominantly used in industrial workplace environments to protect the head from unexpected injPIP® JSP® Evolution Full Brim Hard Hatsury due to flying objects, impact with other objects and falling debris.

Suspension bands inside the helmet spread the helmet's weight and the force of any impact over the top of the head. A suspension also provides space between the helmet's shell and the wearer's head, so that if an object strikes the shell, the impact is less likely to be transmitted directly to the skull. Some helmet shells have reinforcement ridges to enhance its impact resistance.

OSHA regulations mandate specific requirements for head protection in the workplace and require employers to provide hard hats for workers to wear whenever there is a potential for head injury from “impacts, falling or flying objects, or electrical shock.”

Hard hats are often viewed as obtrusive, unattractive, bulky and many claim uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Having operators wear head protection is perhaps the most difficult safety device to enforce. If you’re seeking head protection in work spaces where hard hats are mandated, check out the JSP® Evolution Series of hard hats.

Made with innovative and industry leading safety features, from the Protective Industrial Products (PIP®) series of head protection, the JSP® Evolution® hard hats are some of the most feature rich hard hats available today!

Available in a variety of vented and non-vented styles and in an array of colors, Evolution® hard hats offer several innovative and industry leading features while maximizing personal safety and all day comfort.


JSP® Evolution® hard hats are designed to enhance personal safety and comfort. Every Evolution® hard hat features a six point suspension that provides unrivaled protection and comfort.  As an added bonus, Evolution® hard hats arrive at your dock or worksite with pre-installed suspensions to save you precious time and energy.


Unlike conventional tab systems, the Evolution® series feature a unique "3D Adjustment" that makes height adjustments a snap! This proprietary adjustment feature quickly and easily provides a precise fit using harness depth settings unlike any other hard hat on the U.S. market today.


Available with a revolutionary wheel ratchet system, it allows workers to quickly and easily adjust the suspension size with just one hand. Angled downward, the lower nape strap is designed to hold the helmet in place with working movements that include bending over.


The HDPE shell on the Evolution® features a modern design. Made with a five raised channels across the top of the hard hat, it provides enhanced strength and balance that maximizes comfort and protection. These cap style hard hats are constructed with an extended back ridge that provides additional deflection protection. Evolution cap and full brim style hard hats are available with ventilation options that releases heat buildup for  a cooler and more comfortable wear experience.


Evolution® hard hats can be custom logoed with your corporate information and can be further customized with different accessories options such as reflective decals, eyewear, hearing protection and hi-vis work apparel. Contact MDS with your requirements.

Every detail and design change of the JSP® Evolution® hard hat is in place to provide enhanced protection, performance, comfort, and/or function. So, while it may not look like a traditional hard hat, it's designed to outperform them in every way that matters. But don't take our word for it, tap the button and...

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