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Emergency Responder ProductsWhen Responding to Emergencies, Trust these Emergency Responder Products

Firefighting and Emergency Rescue are among the most hazardous jobs. When it comes to protecting those who bravely run in while others run out, PIP® offers among the best head protection, gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) available for firefighters and rescue personnel in the world!

Firefighters and rescue teams work in varied and complex conditions that expose them to risk of on-the-job injury and death. While on-duty deaths has dropped over the past 30 years, advancements in building materials is causing structural fires to burn faster and hotter and emergency responders must be prepared for anything. The protective equipment they wear is critical to their personal safety and PIP® is proud to offer the most innovative and dependable products they need to stay safe on the job. When responding to emergencies, you can trust these emergency responder products to help keep you safe.

Did you know? Emergency responders in the United States….

Based on data from the NFPA, American Ambulance Association and Bureau of Labor, there are 1,140,750 total firefighters of which 31% are career and 69% volunteer. EMS personnel account for 840,669 and is expected to grow 33% from 2010 to 2020.

PPE for Those That Save Lives


Pacific Firefighting & Search Rescue Helmets

PIP® is proud to represent Pacific Helmets of New Zealand here in North America. Pacific's proprietary manufacturing process and innovative designs result in products which have created new dimensions in helmet safety. Pacific Helmets has an ongoing commitment to the development of new and innovative helmet products and an unwavering focus on safety, quality and comfort.

Pacific's rescue helmets come in a diverse lineup of styles, meeting and surpassing standards for applications such as USAR, Technical Rescue, Water Rescue, Cave Rescue and Collapse Rescue. They are made with Kevlar® Composite resins that offer higher temperature resistance (up to 500°F) without distorting or melting. The shell also has superior resistance to UV rays, and weighs less than Thermoplastic equivalent models. Check out the +F18™ firefighting helmets or the +F6™ structural helmets

E-flare™ LED Beacons

E-flare™ beacons are intensely bright, features full 360˚ illumination and can be seen for up to ¾ of a mile. Angle and beam projection minimizes the risk of target fixation, as well as distance judgment problems associated with strobe and incandescent lights. They weigh less than 11 ounces with four AA batteries installed. Improved activation enables a simple twist of the lens to the desired function. Unlike pyrotechnic flares, there is no risk of fire or explosion and no toxic fumes or residues. They can survive up to a 3-foot drop onto a concrete surface, and are also dust-proof and water resistant (up to a depth of 100 ft.). Body molded clips with added holes easily attach to belts, safety cones, cars and clothing. +Shop for E-Flares here.

Extrication  & Firefigthing Gloves

+Auto-X™ gloves are designed to withstand the dangers of an auto extrication, combining heat and cut resistance while maintaining much needed close ranged dexterity. Polyurethane and synthetic finger tips won't melt and will withstand contact with hot materials up to 212° Fahrenheit, and the technology of Kevlar® stitching adds strength and burn resistance. Innotex®,  Smokescreen™ and Smokeshow™ +Firefighting Gloves are proudly made in the USA and are certified to NFPA 1971:2018 requirements. These industrial safety gloves provide firefighters with enhanced protection, flexibility and dexterity resulting in reduced hand fatigue. 

Turnout Gear Bags

When emeregncies happen, keep safety gear safe and accessible with these extra heavy +emergency turn out gear bags. The “U-shape” design metal keeps the bag open for quick and easy donning and doffing of turn out gear. An extra-heavy tarp-style bottom with 5 raised cleats provides superior abrasion resistance to prolong the life of the bag and help keep gear dry. An adjustable contoured padded shoulder strap provides comfort and keeps bag in position when carried. Available with wheels.

Flame-Resistant Hoods

Worn as a protective barrier between the heat source and the skin, these comfortable, breathable hoods are NFPA 1971 certified and will provide superior wear, durability and valuable extra seconds of protection when exposed to the intense heat of today’s fires. +Shop for Nomex hoods here.

MDS Product Suggestion : Black-Fire® Certified Fentanyl-Resistant Single-Use Nitrile Gloves

In the midst of the growing opioid epidemic, law enforcement, fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel face increased risk of exposure to fentanyl, an opioid that is 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin and 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, Patented BLACK-FIRE* Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves are latex-free and at 5.5-mil thickness, they’re designed to handle the hazards many First Responders face – including exposure to bloodborne pathogens and dangerous drugs like fentanyl yet thin enough to feel veins or start an IV.  As an added bonus, they feature innovative Quick Check - a reversible color scheme that detects a barrier breach. Wearers can select among the hi-viz orange color or black color. +Shop here for Black-Fire gloves.

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