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Industrial Work Gloves 101

No matter the job, ensuring that you're equipped with the proper personal protection can help you get the job done both efficiently and most importantly, safely. Some of the most important (but sometimes overlooked) protective items you can have with you at your work station or job site are the proper work gloves.

As hand protection specialists, MDS distributes an amazing line up of competitively priced industrial work safety gloves. From mechanics to ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 3 impact resistant gloves, from ANSI cut level A9 palm coated seamless knits to leather drivers, arc-rated to heat and chemical resistant work gloves - we have the deepest and most innovative selection of multi-dimensional industrial hand protection on the internet which includes biodegradable work gloves!

Multi-Dimensional Hand Protection with Secondary Safety Features


Many of our work glove styles have multiple safety features designed to protect operators against one or more industrial hazards such as punctures, heat, impacts, cold conditions, fingertip crushing, lacerations, excessive vibrations, heavy abrasions and snagging./tearing Many cut-resistant gloves are available with high-visibility accents, swipe or touchscreen compatibility and with  thermal insulations.

To help assist you in your selections, below are descriptions of product attributes associated with industrial hand protection glove products so you can best select a style for the task at hand.


  • Adjustable Wrist (Hook & Loop/Velcro): Provides a secure, custom fit and easy removal. Common to mechanics and impact-resistant glove styles.
  • Knit Wrists:  Keeps out dirt, debris, and cold air. Provides a secure fit and can be worn under clothing sleeves. Common to string knit and palm coated string knit work gloves.
  • Band Top:  Provides light-duty wrist protection and allows air to circulate around the hand. Easy on/off. Common on chemical, hot mill and leather palm work glove styles
  • Open Cuff:  Extends below wrist for an open design. Easy on/off.  Common on many leather drivers gloves and general purpose work glove styles.
  • Safety Cuff:  Adds extended protection to wrist area. Rubberized styles help repel moisture and increase wear-life. Common on chemical, hot mill and leather palm work glove styles
  • Gauntlet Cuffs:  An extended safety cuff. Adds protection to wrist and forearm regions. Common on chemical, hot mill and leather palm work glove styles


  • Reversible:  Generally used for glove liners and string knit glove styles, reversible gloves are often seamless for comfort. They can be worn on either hand offering convenience and increased wear-life. The thumb is positioned precisely at the side of the glove.
  • Clute Cut: Seamless palm constructed from a continuous piece of material. The finger seams are located toward the palm side of the glove, with the back seams running parallel from finger-crotch to wrist
  • Gunn Cut:  Finger side-seams are located toward the back of the glove adding comfort and increasing wear life. A separate piece of material forms the ring and middle fingers and is sewn into the palm at the finger base.
  • Straight Thumb: Thumb is partially cut as one piece with the palm or back and extends straight from the wrist. Ideal for closed-fist work applications.
  • Wing Thumb: Thumb extends to the side and is cut as one piece with the palm, following the natural shape of the hand.
  • Keystone Thumb: Thumb is constructed separately and then inset into the palm. This design allows for superior comfort and flexibility, perfect for leather drivers gloves.


Many work gloves feature a layer or layers of themral insulation such as in polyester pile, felt, flannel, interlock, brushed fleece, terry, wool, fleece, flock, jersey, rayon, aramid knit, Thinsulate™.

Insulated vs Lined

Lining is directly adhered to the outer glove material, whereas insulation adds an additional layer between the two outer layers. Insulation is used primarily for warmth; lining for comfort and/or some warmth.


Glove coatings are available with different colors including hi-viz accents and various grips such as flat, crinkle or rough textured finishes. Palm coated gloves provide the same comfort as knits, but the introduction of palm coatings have made industrial work gloves more versatile.

♦ Latex: Very high elasticity and grip with outstanding temperature resistance. Protects hand from most water solutions of acids, alkalis, salts and ketones. Latex should not be used with hydrocarbon and organic solvents such as gasoline and kerosene. Can cause allergic reactions. Great for numerous tasks, including: general maintenance, shipping, receiving, assembly, and material handling.

♦ Neoprene: Type of synthetic rubber. Offers good pliability, finger dexterity, high density and tear resistance. Protects against hydraulic fluids, gasoline, alcohols, organic acids, and alkalis. Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability, withstands a wide range of temperatures, and will generally outlast natural rubbers.

♦ Nitrile & Foam Nitrile:  A popular synthetic version of latex (does not contain latex proteins) that is stronger, allergy-free and offers a wider range of applications. Stands up well to oils, greases, acids, caustics, and alcohols. Generally not recommended for use with strong oxidizing agents, aromatic solvents, ketones, and acetates. Good choice for the auto, food, and oil industry. Foam nitrile acts as a sponge, absorbing liquids and increasing gripping power.

♦ Polyurethane (PU):  Offers great breathability and grip without being sticky. PU foam can become discolored when exposed to light and has poor resistance to hot water.

♦ PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): protects against liquids & some oils, with limited chemical resistance. Superior grip in oily conditions and stays flexible in low temperatures. Frequently worn by: farmers, agriculturists, construction workers, and commercial fishermen


Not all leather grains are created equal. There are several different types of animals and applications which make the different grains stronger, lighter, more supple or high-end. The process taken for each type of leather depends on the animal hide and each hide will have its’ own unique look and feel.

  • Cowhide: Tough and durable, cowhide is the Most common and most versatile leather. Offered in grain or split varieties, grain cowhide is generally higher quality and lasts longer than split cowhide.
  • Deerskin: Extremely soft and supple, deerskin provides the best feel, fit and dexterity. Naturally resistant to the cold, dries soft and flexible after being wet. Best for light duty jobs. Offered in both grain and reverse-grain varieties.
  • Pigskin: Tough and naturally moisture resistant, pigskin is breathable and feels soft even after getting wet. Offered in both grain and split varieties, Split pigskin feels softer while wearing and boasts a slightly rougher grip.
  • Goatskin: Best abrasion and tensile strength for its weight while remaining soft & supple. Highest natural lanolin content of all leathers. Offered in grain leather only.
  • Sheepskin:  A natural insulator, sheepskin draws perspiration away from the wearer and into the fibers. Sheepskin can trap 30-36% of its own weight in moisture and dries soft and flexible. Offered in grain leather only.

Splitting the Hide

Grain and split leathers are made by separating the hide into two pieces. The top “grain” leather is smooth, while the bottom “split” leather (or suede) is fibrous.


Cut protection is provided by high performance materials offered in different gauges such as para-aramid (Kevlar®), Dyneema®, Dyneema® Diamond®, HPPE and stainless steel mesh. Many glove manufacturers incorporate blended and proprietary engineered yarn blends using filament fibers.

ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A1 Rated Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A1  

Light Assembly

ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A2 Rated Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A2  

Light to Medium-duty

ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A3 Rated Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A3  

Light to Medium-duty

ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A3 Rated Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A4 


ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A5 Rated Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A5  

Medium to Heavy-duty

ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A6 Rated Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A6  


https://www.mdsassociates.com/category/personal-protection/hand-protection/cut-resistant-gloves/ansi-level-a6 ANSI CUT LEVEL A7  


ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A8 Rated Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A8  


ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A9 Industrial Work Safety Gloves ANSI CUT LEVEL A9  

Extreme Heavy-duty


When working with electricity, there is the hazard of arc flash. This severe electrical reaction can cause burns, hearing damage, knockback or falling injuries, and injury from being hit by flying objects.

  • Arc rated (AR) - Helps insulate the wearer from heat, resist breaking open of garment and will not ignite r continue to burn when exposed to high intensity short duration explosion and electrical ARC fire
  • Flame Resistant (FR) - Materials made with the ability to self-extinguish (with an after-flame of 2 seconds or less) that will not melt or drip. Tested to ASTM D6413 (Vertical Flame Test)


ANSI/ISEA 138 is the American national standard for performance and classification for impact resistant hand protection. This standard establishes minimum performance, classification and labeling requirements for gloves designed to protect the knuckles and fingers from impact forces while performing occupational tasks.

ANSI/ISEA 138 evaluates gloves for their capability to dissipate impact forces on the knuckles and fingers and classify them accordingly. The resulting classifications can be used consistently to compare different hand protection products on an equal basis, relative to the tasks being performed. There are three performance levels, giving greater choice and flexibility to the end-user.

  • Level 1 - Low Performance Level 55% force absorbed by the TPR
  • Level 2 - Medium Performance Level 67.5% force absorbed by the TPR
  • Level 3 - High Performance Level 80% of the force absorbed by the TPR


Properly caring for your work gloves is essential to maintaining safety features, quality and longevity. Effective glove care will provide longer wear and lessen the risk of hand injury

  1. CLEANING:  most lgloves will perform better and last longer when they are cleaned regularly. Certain glove materials launder better than others. Consult your sales representative to help select the styles that are right for you or your customers.
  2. INSPECTION:  it is recommended that inspections be made daily to assure all gloves are free of damage, both inside and out.
  3. STORAGE: Gloves should be stored in a well-ventilated area at room temperature, away from direct sunlight


We distribute industrial work safety gloves from reputable glove suppliers such as  Protective Industrial Products (PIP®), Wells Lamont Industrial, Superior Glove®, Ansell®, Majestic® Glove, Hexarmor®, SHOWA® Glove, Boss®, U.S. Mesh®, Caiman®, QRP®, Portwest®, Turtleskin®, Boss®, Guardian and more.

Shop MDS for popular, high performing brands such as , G-Tek®, G-Tek® Suprene™, G-Tek® Polykor®, QRP®, Maximum Safety®, Cleanteam®,  G-Tek® PolyKor® Xrystal®, Assurance®, G-Tek® KEV™, G-Tek® 3GX®, Barracuda®, G-Tek® PolyKor® X7™ Gloves, MaxiCut®, MaxiFlex® Cut™, Novex®, Maxiflex® Ultra™, Scrap King™, Kut Guard®, IronCat®, Emerald CX, Dexterity®, Tenactiv™, Clutch Gear®, Contender™, North Sea, Claw Cover®, Chemstop™, Endura®, Sure Knit™, Superior Touch®, Punkban™, Dragon™, SnowForce™, Cut-Less, Cut-Less Watchdog®, Alycore™, Cut-Less Annihilator, Powercut®, X15®, Polar Penguin®, Emperor Penguin, Claw Cover®, ActivArmr®, Hyflex®, Atlas®,  and more!    Conatct MDS for styles not listed on our website!

When choosing the best work glove for your needs, consider the hazards you're facing, the likelihood of an accident, the comfort and dexterity needed. By determining these additional factors, you can find a glove that fits your job (and your hand) perfectly! All you need to do next is tap the link now and…

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