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Extreme Cut Gloves That Are Elevating Safety Compliance

When customers complain, Superior Glove® glove company takes note.  The S21TX line of TenActiv™ gloves is changing the safety landscape with barely noticeable feel when worn 21-gauge seamless knit ANSI cut level A9 Extreme Cut Gloves with food safe options and touchscreen compatibility!


ST21TX TenActiv Cut Resistant A9  Glove Series Workplaces and jobsites can be dangerous places, especially if sharp objects such as glass, metal or cutting instruments are involved.

Typically used to grip or steady structures, the non-dominant hand often crosses into danger zones putting valued hands and fingers at risk to slash or cut injury. Sending over one million employees to the emergency room each year, lacerations account for 63% of hand injuries and range in severity from stitches to the amputation of a finger or worse, a hand.

What are the primary causes of these injuries? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 70 percent of workers experiencing hand injuries were not wearing work gloves at the time while the remaining 30 percent of injured workers were not wearing the right type of glove.

Gloves removed or never worn defeats the purpose of the intended glove.

Lost time, costly expenses and workers who can no longer do their tasks are a few of the many reasons hand injuries are a real issue for the glove industry. The National Safety Council offers the following as a guide:

  • Direct cost of a laceration: $10,000
  • Stitches: $2,000 plus indirect
  • Butterfly: $300
  • Severed Tendon: > $70,000

It is obvious that selecting the proper industrial work safety glove is critical to personal safety, productivity and PPE compliance but if work gloves are too bulky, hot or cumbersome, gloves are typically removed or never worn putting one’s safety at risk.

Our hands play a significant role in every application that we perform. Tasks such as swiping, installation, cutting, trimming or assembly require fine motor control and dexterity. The Superior Glove® glove company loves gloves and is driven to develop cutting-edge hand safety products that not only meet a specific safety need, but more importantly constructed so workers will actually want to wear them on the job and boy did they hit a home run here!

The glove engineers and designers at Superior Glove® have again pushed glove technologies to new platforms and created the World’s Thinnest Extreme A9 Cut Safety Gloves. When you slide these gloves onto the hand, it will be unlike any other extreme cut-resistant glove you have ever worn!


Experience the perfect blend of cut safety, tactile sensitivity, and comfort with these S21TX line of TenActiv™ industrial extreme cut protection gloves. The TenActiv™ S21TX line-up of 21-gauge seamless knit cut gloves with cut level A9 extreme cut protection  provides the front and back of the hands with absolute highest rated level of resistance available.

Elevate compliance and consolidate to one glove. Barely noticeable when worn, these amazing TenActiv™ industrial work gloves are revolutionizing industrial cut protection in comfort, performance, protection and tactility that rivals bare hands!

At only 3.65mm thickness, the TenActiv™ S21TX cut safety glove series are as thin as a sock yet provide ANSI cut level A9 protection against the most  extreme cut hazards in the workplace.  Available with or without a nitrile palm coating grip, the breathable and snug-fitting TenActiv™ S21TX series of hand protection provides operators with touchscreen functionality.

The cost of one incident that could have been prevented by workers wearing the right glove often far exceeds the cost of an entire hand protection program. If you're seeking an ultra-thin fitting work safety glove with extreme cut-protection for the entire hand, tactility, grip and touchscreen functionality, you need to check out these gloves! But first you need to tap the link and ….

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