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 Superior Glove®

Industrial Work Safety Glove Products

MDS is proud to announce that it is an authorized full-line wholesale distributor for Superior Glove® innovation hand protection products.

Workers shouldn't have to choose between comfort and safety. Superior Glove® innovates to fit the protection worker's need into comfortable safety gloves and other PPE they'll want to wear. They offer free resources and services to help companies develop safety programs that  eliminate and reduce injuries through non-PPE changes that minimize workplace hazards and improve the safety culture.

Superior Glove® is one of North America's leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial work safety gloves. A respected source for thousands of customers, Superior Glove® has been in the glove business since 1910. Check MDS out for top performing brands such as Dexterity®, Clutch Gear®, Endura®, TenActiv®, Superior Touch®, Sure-Knit®, Zedcoat™, Cool Grip®, Punkban™, VibraStop™, ChemStop™, Emerald CX®, Cutban™, Contender™, D3o®, North Sea™ and Snowforce™.

With four manufacturing facilities, Superior Glove's  product range evolved from just five styles in 1961, to over 3000 today. Licensed manufacturers of Kevlar® and Dyneema® products and other high-quality work gloves for every industry, they offer the most unique glove and sleeve protector selection in the industry and are also the most technically innovative. Our staff had the privilege to visit and tour their corporate facility in Acton Ontario-follow this link to read our review here.

Looking for that Hard-to-Find Work Glove?

Superior Glove® provides innovative, one-of-a-kind hand protection solutions that streamline inventory, increase compliance and reduce costs. Owning their own nitrile dip coating lines, PVC dotting lines, yarn development capability, and cleanroom laundry—they are the most flexible and vertically integrated North American glove manufacturer. In fact, if Superior Glove® doesn't have a glove for you, together we can create or clean process a glove specifically for your application! In addition, Superior Glove® offers a large selection of Vend-Pack gloves, flame-resistant clothing and a wide variety of innovative knitted sleeve protectors - please contact us for these products.

Industrial Work Safety Glove Styles:

Abrasion Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Cleanroom, Cotton & String Knits, Cut Resistant, Disposable, Anti-Vibration, Heat Resistant, High Dexterity, High Visibility, Impact Resistant, Leather, Mechanics, Palm Coated, Puncture Resistant, Touchscreen Compatible, Oil/Water Resistant, Welding, Winter & Cold Weather.

One Glove | Multiple Safety Functions

What makes Superior Glove® glove products unique is that you can purchase one glove that provides a combinations of ANSI rated safety protection with high performance attributes. 

Superior Glove® provides a wide variety of innovative, one-of-a-kind, multi-functional work gloves that feature multiple ANSI safety ratings  with multiple performance features such as touchscreen compatibilty, high visibility, tear-away fingers and gloves with pinchguard fingercaps. From non-marring to extreme cut hazards, from blunt to fine gauge needle protection, heat-resistant to winter work gloves and Kevlar® ballistic armor plating for the hands,  Superior Glove® has an industrial work safety glove for the most specific application or work environment.

Try Before You Buy

If you need help reducing hand injuries but are unsure which glove or sleeve protector is best suited for your operation, Superior Glove® provides free 1-on-1 consultation with a hand safety specialist. You can also sample a hand protection product to find the best protection for your team. Either way, get started today - visit superiorglove.com or contact us with your request.

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